Monday, October 23, 2017
couple low sex drive

The Real Reason You Might Be Losing Your Sex Drive

If your sex drive seems lower than usual, the seriousness of your relationship could be a very good explanation for why. In the journal BMJ Open, 15 percent of men and 34 percent of women...
Naked Chef, Sexy Professions

These Are The 10 Sexiest Professions, According To Dating Apps

We’ve all had the steamy firefighter fantasy. Don’t deny it. It’s normal, it’s enjoyable and it’s enough to get anyone as hot as the imaginary burning building. But like so many things in life, reality...
couple sleeping

Couples Who Have This One Thing In Their Relationship Rarely Argue

Lack of sleep can leave you cranky, unable to focus, and prone to giving in to cravings, but new research proves that it can also make you more irritable with your partner. So the...
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1000 Women Agreed These 4 Things Are All It Takes To Orgasm

As vital as sexual health is to overall wellness, the female orgasm still remains one of our greatest mysteries. But one that we are very much determined to solve. A new study, published in the...
sex positions

6 Sex positions that burn the most calories

Keep the passion alive in the bedroom and target key muscle groups.
Financial health

What Does Your Sex Life Have to Do With Your Finances?

Bank account looking a little sad? Maybe you need to start getting laid more often. At least that's what holistic sex and relationship expert, Kim Anami, believes. Anami coaches clients around the world on how...
Kim Anami

The 5 Laws of Orgasms, According to a Holistic Sex & Relationship Expert

Kim Anami knows a thing or two about orgasms. The holistic sex and relationship expert has had years of experience working with women, helping them tap into their sexual power and energy. "In marriages and...
lively lingerie, why to sleep naked

You Should Be Sleeping Naked. Here’s Why.

Au naturel. Stripped. Naked. Unclad. Bare. Whatever you like to call it, there is a divide when it comes to baring it all between the sheets. We grow up thinking the social norm is to dress...

Moving In Together? Here’s How To Make Your Money Go Further

Here's everything you need to know before you sign the lease.