Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Meet Model, High-Jumper And Downright Babe, Amy Pejkovic

Being blessed with long legs usually transpires to one of two things: becoming a model or becoming an athlete. But to be a model, you also need the looks and to be an athlete,...
Belle Force Activewear, Ballerina, Ballet clothes

Barre Lovers Are Obsessed With This New Dance-Inspired Activewear Label

Throughout the year we’ve been featuring inspirational females who’ve taken the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship. It’s risky, frightening and takes serious guts but if it pays off, it’s overwhelmingly rewarding. This month, we’re...
Jane Iredale

A Q+A With Natural Beauty Pioneer, Jane Iredale

Even if you're not a clean beauty nut, chances are you can rattle off dozens of natural makeup brands off the top of your head. These days, beauty products that are actually good for...
Steph Claire Smith Bikini

Steph Claire Smith On Diet, Exercise And What Makes Her Feel Sexy

While Beyonce’s twins might not need a middle name, it’s proven very useful for Stephanie Smith—what started with an Instagram handle (@stephclairesmith), is now a name known all over the world. As an international model...
Nimble Founders Katia Santilli & Vera Yan

Nimble Activewear Founders On When To Make Your Side Hustle Your Full-Time Gig

It's not as easy as handing in your resignation.