Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Cassey Ho, POP Pilates, Blogilatesvideo

YouTube star, Cassey Ho shares her secrets to confidence, balance & success

The founder of Blogilates and POP Pilates chats exclusively to Sporteluxe.
Rimmel, foundation for dry skin, oily skin foundationvideo

Ace your base: how to find your perfect foundation

Since foundation is, well, the foundation of your makeup routine, it’s incredibly important to get this step right.
Kirsty Godso, 98 Riley Street, Nike Master trainer, ab workout

This bite-sized ab workout will get you feeling stronger

Just in time for bikini season. Well, if you're based in the Northern Hemisphere that is.
Rexona, Don't Sweat It YOga Series, Flow Athletic, Bianca Cheah, Kate Kendallvideo

We tried four different styles of yoga. Here’s what happened.

4 weeks, 4 different ways to Downward Dog.

Watch this incredible yoga film in the deserts of America

Melbourne based production company Wildebeest has teamed up with luxe active wear label Jaggad and renowned yogi Talia Peretz to create this stunning yoga film in the deserts of America. Shot over two and a half days in the...
Bianca Cheah, Kirsty Godso, 98 Riley Street

This one move works your lower abs, obliques and arms

Be prepared to feel the burn.

Meet Formula One legend Jenson Button

Ever wanted a glimpse into the glamorous (and competitive) world of Formula One? While we can't get you trackside, we may just have the next best thing: Jenson Button. The British Formula One driver, who...
Kate Kendall, arm workout

5 arm sculpting workouts that Yogi Kate Kendall swears by

Whether you're arms are hidden under sweaters or baring all in sleeveless tanks, lean and defined arms are always in style. So we asked yogi Kate Kendall to share five arm sculpting moves that specifically target your triceps, biceps...
Bianca Cheah, Vinyasa HIIT workout, Yoga workout

Bianca Cheah shares her fave HIIT Vinyasa flow sequence

If you're one of those many people who think yoga is all about stretching, the splits and being spiritual, then think again. While all yoga styles involve stretching (and yes, being flexible will help your strength),...

Yes you can have abs with this yoga pose

Yes, you read right, you can achieve rock hard abs, thanks to the good old plank. If we're honest, planks are the one exercise we love to hate, but they deliver some serious results (if done right). Your...