Saturday, October 21, 2017
Chia Seeds

11 Foods You Should Eat Daily, According to Gut Health Experts

The gut-friendly foods you'll find on nutritionists' grocery lists.
How To Make Kombucha, Sugar in Kombucha

Is Your “Healthy” Kombucha Actually A Sugar Bomb? Here’s How Popular Brands Compare

Kombucha should send a big cheque to its PR team. In just a few years, the strange fermented tea drink has gone from homebrew horrors to the sip of choice of the health obsessed....
Elle Halliwell Cancer Diet

Elle Halliwell Shares Her Cancer Prevention Diet—Should We All Be Following It?

Would you be willing to bet your life on 50/50 odds? I’d think most people wouldn’t. But that’s the situation we’re faced with every single day when we choose to smoke, drink, forego sunscreen...
fast food

These Are The Healthiest Choices At Your Fave Fast Food Places

As kids, going out for fast food felt like the most exciting thing in the world—second only to Christmas Day and your parents taking you to Disneyland. Most of us are familiar with the...

The Secret Holy Grail Snack We Stash At Our Desks

Much like the perfect foundation or pair of sneakers, we’re always on the lookout for that holy grail snack. One that’s convenient for stashing in our handbags or work desks, is filling and, of...
Tash Oakley Announces She's Going Vegan

Tash Oakley Announced She’s “Going Vegan” On Instagram—Should You?

Tash Oakley took to social media overnight (she’s in Italy, duh) to announce that she’s “going vegan.” The decision comes in response to increasing public knowledge of the benefits of a vegan diet on...
adaptogenic kombucha

The World’s First Stress-Fighting Adaptogenic Kombucha Is Here!

Just when we thought it couldn't get any healthier.
How much protein do we need?, Lemon Roasted Salmon by Little Spice Jar

We Asked The Experts: How Much Protein Do I Really Need?

Welcome to 'We Asked The Experts', where our professional know-alls answer the questions that have been puzzling you. Today on the segment, personal trainers, Greg Stark and Melanie Katz, break down the common conundrum:...
algae oil

Is Algae Oil The New Coconut Oil?

Good for your health AND the environment.