Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Raw mushroom salad

The perfect summer mushroom salad recipe!

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall shares his raw and vegan mushroom and rocket salad.

Is this the best baba ghanoush recipe ever?

Is roasting eggplant on the barbeque a secret trick to making amazing baba ghanoush?
coleslaw salad

This salad will make you love cabbage. Seriously!

River Cottage star Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall shares his healthy take on coleslaw which is raw, paleo and dairy free.
Lamb roast

Healthy slow roasted lamb souvlaki!

The guilty pleasure takeaway gets a wholefood makeover with this mouth-watering slow roasted lamb variation from Karen Martini.
Fish Kebab

Throw some swordfish on the BBQ!

Sundays are made for relaxed barbeques. This healthy swordfish kebab recipe is a lighter alternative to traditional meat kebabs.
Calamari recipe

This simple seafood dish will seriously impress!

Feel like seafood for dinner? We love this delicious grilled calamari and prawn creation from Karen Martini.
Grilled mushrooms

Banish breakfast boredom with Karen Martini’s grilled mushrooms!

Who says a healthy breakfast has to be boring? We love this clever twist on the classic flavour combo of haloumi and mushrooms from Karen Martini.
Veal cutlets

We’ve got your weekend BBQ sorted with this awesome veal recipe!

Barbeque planned this weekend? Skip the sausages and try these easy and healthy veal cutlets with rosemary and red wine instead!
Chermola Fish,

BBQ fish for dinner! Try these spicy chermoula cutlets

Never thought to try North African flavours on a BBQ? This delicious recipe for chermoula fish cutlets will spice up on your barbecue repertoire.

Quick and easy quinoa pilaf for dinner!

Need some dinner inspo? The Beauty Chef Carla Oates shares her recipe for protein-packed quinoa and baby spinach pilaf.