Thursday, February 22, 2018

Your Favorite Fitness Instagrammer Just Had a Baby!

Welcome to the world, Mia Elise.
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The Scary Link Between Hormonal Birth Control And Suicide Revealed

While hormonal birth control is effective for preventing pregnancy and easing menstrual issues, a new study reveals the scary effects it could also have on women's mental health. A new study published in the American Journal...
How to get your period back naturally

7 Ways To Get Your Period Back, Naturally

When a woman comes to me experiencing missed periods and cycles and feels her only choice to get her body back on track is via the contraceptive pill, I often want to give her...
How to heal PCOS naturally

“I’m Healing My PCOS, Naturally. Here’s How”

I didn't know much about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) when I was first diagnosed. The little I had heard of the condition was from googling symptoms when my cycle radically changed, before stopping altogether....

LA Just Got Its First Pregnancy And Parenting Wellness Hub, LOOM

While it's always important to look after your health, there's no time when it becomes more crucial than when you're pregnant. When you're expecting, you have not only have your own wellbeing to think...
Yoga mat and fertility

Your Yoga Mat Could Be Affecting Your Fertility

From your flow to your vinyasa, your trusted yoga mat has supported you, quite literally. But while it can help you create your own mindfulness space and give you added grip, new research is...

The 9 Best Foods To Eat To Balance Your Hormones

Here's what to munch on when your hormones go haywire.
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Lost Your Sex Drive? This Could Be Why

If you're never in the mood...