Chloe Morello lets us inside her home!

Chloe Morello home

Chloe Morello is one of Australia’s leading beauty vloggers, with a cult following of nearly two and a half million users across her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels she’s one girl you need to follow. Her hair and makeup tutorials will teach you everything you need to know about how to get ready (and un-ready) for an event or day-to-day tips and tricks to look your best.

We caught up with Chloe Morello and took a sneak peek inside her home to check out some of her favourite beauty buys!

Chloe’s bathroom

Chloe’s bathroom is a mecca of products, and we wouldn’t expect anything less! Beauty bloggers need to trial every product that they are given so they can then give you the low down in their videos on what’s hot and what’s not!

We spy some of Chloe’s favourite products in these pics and thanks to the gorgeous beauty, she tells us why she’s loving them at the moment.

Jurlique Clarity hand wash and hand cream: I love the hand wash and cream set as it reminds me to moisturise my hands often for soft skin, beautiful nails and cuticles.

Ray Ban mirrored sunglasses: A classic pair for every day wear.

Curtis Collection CC cream: Is the best no-makeup makeup!

Le Tan: My fake tanner of choice. I use the mousse mostly but if I’m in a hurry I use the mist!

MOR candles: For pamper evenings I like to light the candle for more ambience. Black Cherry Plum is my favourite scent from MOR!

Colgate Optic White tooth paste: Keeps my smile looking perfectly white.

Rexona Clinical Protection deodorant: My life changed when I started using cream deodorants! Keeps me fresh and sweat free for 24+ hours.

Perfumes: I’m a fragrance hoarder and these are my newest additions.

Chloe Morello Chloe Morello, Le Tan Chloe Morello, Curtis Collection Chloe Morello, Colgate White

Chloe’s office/ studio: 

To be a successful vlogger, you will need a proper filming studio to shoot your videos in. The talented Chloe has set up her own home studio with lighting, cameras, draws of perfectly organised shades of products so Chloe can access product when needed to shoot, and you see it, make-up brushes galore! Being a beauty blogger has its many perks but the job ain’t ever easy! Being your own brand and Vlogging full-time is all about entrepreneurship, time, dedication, creativity and being the first to know about products! And by the looks of things, Chloe has all this down pat!

What you’ll see in Chloe’s studio are:

Jars full of makeup brushes: I’m obsessing over my Zoeva brushes as they keep coming out with becautiful new sets; bamboo, rose gold… but of course my Rae Morris Magnetic brushes are still my top favourite. Such a good investment.

Draws of lipsticks: I’ve just discovered MAC Yash lipstick is a great matte nude. I also love my YSL Rouge Pur Couture and Rouge Voluptes! I have almost the entire range of Rouge Voluptes.

Studio lighting: I use two soft boxes to light up my backdrop and a ring light straight on me when I film. The ring light reflects a pretty circle in my eyes.

Chloe’s tip studio tip? Make sure your when filming that your backdrop and lighting looks pretty!

Chloe Morello Chloe Morello, Rae MorrisChloe Morello, makeup brushes

Chloe’s home:

Chloe loves her home to be very minimalistic with natural tones and bursts of colour as features, like her pastel yellow cushions, pink roses and pastel green throw. As a makeup artist and blogger, Chloe’s style and creativeness flows through her home and you can clearly see. 

Q+A – Finish the sentence

I love to relax: “As much as possible as her home is also where I work. Keeping these two very separate is imperative in creating a happy and stress free work life balance for me. So keeping the studio door shut when I’m not working so I can focus on ‘me’ time.”

Usually I’ll: “Pop all my hair back, have a bare face so my skin can breathe, (because I wear so much product for work), wear a super comfy outfit like gym tights and a slouchy knit, I also love to play with Sporte The Frenchie when I have him over to baby sit or I’ll cook my favourite beetroot, goats cheese and walnut salad. As for TV, I don’t really watch it unless there is an awesome movie on.”

My favourite movie of all time: “Has been The Godfather and I’ve watched it like 10 times and read the book! For nights in with the girls though you can’t go past Magic Mike!”

For snacks I love: “Salted pita seeds, fruit, guacamole and corn chips. And when I’m naughty I like BBQ Sa Ka Tas with Chris’ Avocado Dip or  Bueno Chocolate bars.”

In my down time you’ll usually find me: “Shopping online or watching reality show marathons with my friends. Geordie Shore is a guilty pleasure.” 

 Chloe Morello, Sporte The Frenchie

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