adidas ambassador Christian Miranda shares post-race advice

If you were one of the 85,000 strong crowd who took place in yesterday’s City2Surf in Sydney yesterday chances are you’ll be feeling the effects of the 14km run today.

“Following events like these, you’ll often experience a delayed onset of muscle soreness in the one to two days after the run,” says adidas ambassador Christian Miranda owner of ONE Personal Training Solutions. “Particularly if you weren’t necessarily as prepared as you would have hoped to be prior to the race.”

With that in mind, we asked Christian to share his best City2Surf recovery advice and tips for dealing with muscle soreness.

Christian Miranda1 Rehydrate

“Unless you ran prepared, consciously taking advantage of the drink stations along the way, you will no doubt be feeling the effects of dehydration today. Particularly, if your first post-race beverage was an ice cold beer or glass of wine!

Some signs you might be dehydrated include dark urine, dry mouth and skin, darkness around the eyes, tiredness and headaches.

Aim to drink at least three litres of water daily, for the next few days, to help replenish those lost fluids. Coconut water can also help replace lost electrolytes.”

2 Stretch

“Depending on your level of fitness and how regularly you exercise, you will be feeling a certain level of tightness throughout the body. Especially through the lower half of your body. These stretches will help!


The old ‘take a knee’ stretch, where you extend through the front leg to feel a stretch through the hip of the back leg with the knee on the floor. Repeat on the other side.


For a great stretch for your bum position yourself on your back near a wall, bringing your bottom as close to the wall as your flexibility allows. Place the foot of your bent left leg on the wall and your right ankle onto the knee of the left leg, lifting your hips up off the ground. Relax into the stretch, allowing your hips to draw toward the floor to feel a deep stretch through your glutes. Repeat on the other side.

Attending a yoga class is also a great way to get a full body stretch that your aching body will benefit from.”

Epsom salts3 Treatments

“Take a nice hot bath with some Epsom salts when you get home from work tonight or try some products from the Pain Away range. If you can go get a deep tissue massage that’s also a great idea.”

4 Listen to your body

“I recommend trying to be active over the next few days, maybe with a walk in your lunch break or a yoga class, to get the blood pumping throughout the body, eliminating the toxins that built up from the run. However, if you are feeling overly tired and fatigued, give yourself permission to take a day or two off training. Have a few early nights and fuel up with quality nutrition and hydration. You’ll recover much quicker and prevent the risk of overuse injury or sickness.”