Colouring books, the hottest health & wellbeing trend!

Thought colouring in was just for kids. Think again. Colouring books for adults are taking the world by storm. They’ve been hailed as the hottest health and wellbeing trend for 2015 thanks to their ability to help soothe anxiety and eliminate stress.

According to Dymocks, 140,000 adult colouring books have been sold since April. They’ve also topped the top 10 best-seller list for eight consecutive months.

In fact, many wellness experts are recommending colouring as a meditative practice as the tactile experience can reduce stress, while simultaneously promoting wellbeing and calm.

Holistic wellness coach, speaker and writer Jordanna Levin from The Inspired Table, believes that colouring in boasts a multitude of health benefits.

“Colouring in is the perfect introductory tool to mindfulness for people who find the act of sitting in meditation tricky. It calms the mind by focusing on a simple task that keeps the brain engaged enough so that it doesn’t become bored or easily distracted, but without the complexity of over thinking, multi-tasking or planning,” explains Jordanna, “There is research that shows that colouring in has the ability to alter our brain waves, by switching them from a beta state when we’re mentally and physically active to an alpha state, where we’re more relaxed. When our brains are in the alpha state our anxiety and stress levels are reduced, our quality of sleep is better and we’re able to tackle everyday stresses with more ease and grace.”

In simplest terms, colouring has a de-stressing and relaxing effect because when we focus on a particular activity, we focus on it and not on our worries.

So why not pick up those pencils or crayons and allow your mind and body to unwind. Happy colouring!

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