Commando Steve shares his fitness secrets!

Commando Steve
A dedicated feature for GetCommandoFit

We’re now well into February which means it is time to kick those New Year fitness resolutions into high gear! Luckily Commando Steve’s GetCommandoFit program is back and better than ever.

Starting on 16 February, Mission 2 offers a 13-week health and fitness journey of workout plans, healthy meal plans, recipes and Commando’s motivation videos. We caught up with Commando Steve to find out his nutrition and fitness secrets and get the lowdown on the GetCommandoFit program.

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What’s your personal exercise philosophy? How has it influenced GetCommandoFit?

I believe strongly in the power and benefits of ‘functional movement’ training. By that I mean overall body workouts rather than continuously working a single modality. Functional movements that our body was made for, like squatting, lifting and pulling ourselves up, are skills we use in everyday life. It doesn’t matter if you’re training to be an elite athlete or you’re just a normal person who wants to lead a better quality of life, functional movement training will improve your overall wellbeing and general physical preparedness for life. Most people know I’m a huge advocate of Cross Fit, that and my time in the Military formed the basis of our training program.

What is the program all about? What can first timers expect from GetCommandoFit?

The program is all about giving people the tools to improve their lives, be their physical performance or with their nutrition. When we talked about putting the program together, education was the most important factor for me. I don’t want people to just do the program, I want them to understand why they are doing it and for it to become part of their lives. People join up for all kinds of different reasons but for me, ultimately it’s all about improving someone’s overall health and wellbeing.

Depending on the workout program they choose first timers will receive between three to six workouts per week. Everyone receives weekly meal plans with recipes for five meals and snacks per day. There are weekly motivational tips and plenty of chat going on in the forums. Information and access to ask questions and have them answered is a big thing for us, there is an extensive Nutrition Library and regular live chats with me and our team of experts.

Is the program suitable for all fitness levels? How is it modified for your individual needs?

Yes, the program has four different levels. Get Active for those looking to get moving. Get Fit –Beginner for those who have some level of fitness that they are looking to improve and learn new things. Get Fit – Intermediate and Get Fit – Advanced are for those who are already active and looking for a challenge! Workouts can be scaled to suit your level of fitness and encourage you to improve with each go at it. Everyone’s nutritional program is tailored to their own energy needs. There is no blanket approach and we don’t calorie count!

What about people who are already quite fit?

If you’re already pretty fit and exercising regularly then you’ll enjoy our Get Fit – Intermediate and Get Fit – Advanced programs. The workouts are challenging and will push you to improve your performance. We also have a unique up front fundamentals and education week, so even for those that are already exercising, this is a really good opportunity to learn new movements and check on your form and technique. If you like a bit of competition then you’ll love earning Commando Points for your performance in workouts that push you up the leader board. You also get Commando Status points for the amount of work outs you complete. Joining up as a ‘Squad’ or joining a ‘Squad’ once you’re in the program is a great way to workout with friends and create a bit of healthy competition.

How important a part is nutrition to getting results? What’s your dietary philosophy?

Everyone has heard me say it over and over, ‘you can’t out train a bad diet’. You can slog it out in the gym as much as you like but you will only get so far. My nutrition philosophy is pretty simple, eat a clean wholefoods diet. Cut out highly processed foods full of trans-fat and sugars and concentrate on eating foods as close to their natural state as possible. I believe the calorie counting method is flawed as it is too often used as an excuse to eat the wrong kind of foods. A diet with the right balance of the three macronutrients (protein, fats and good carbohydrates) will not only give you energy but also aid repair after workouts, help weight loss, build lean muscle, give clarity of mind – the list goes on.

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