Commando Steve’s quick body sculpting tips

Commando Steve, fitness advice, weight-loss tips

One of the toughest (but most rewarding) ways to achieve all of your fitness goals is with a full-body session that will challenge you from start to finish but it can often be hard to find the motivation to get going, especially when life gets busy or your enthusiasm needs a boost.

Commando Steve is one of Australia’s favourite experts when it comes to torching fat fast and getting super motivated, so we asked for his advice on ways to lose weight and sculpt your body quicker than you can say, “no boot camps please!”

Commando Steve’s 5 top tips for torching fat fast:

1. Stay positive and motivated

“Taking responsibility for everything that happens to you, the good and the bad will help you eliminate all the road blocks and excuses we put in the way. Doing this will put you in a position to start making some great inroads to sculpting your body fast.

“Next you’ll have to do some self-reflecting and ask yourself who do I want to be and why? This is what’s going to keep you motivated and enduring day in day out. The answer to these questions has to speak and mean something to only you.

“Now comes the most difficult piece of the puzzle: putting the right actions in place and getting the work done, no excuses. To take this step all that we need to know is the difference between better from worse. Is the choice and action I’m about to make going to help build the person I want to be or not?”

2. When’s the best time of day (for you) to work out?Commando Steve, fitness advice, weight-loss tips

“There’s actually no one best time of the day to work out because training in the morning, noon or night each have their benefits, depending on your fitness goals. Trick is to pinpoint which works in best with your life. You don’t need to get bogged down in the positives and negatives of this, just make sure you actually exercise, and do it on a regular basis.”

3. Know that teamwork works

“Teamwork creates camaraderie, builds community support and drives competition, which can help you stay motivated as you work towards your joint fitness goals. The GetCommandoFit program, for example, lets you create squads to not only reach your own goals, but motivate others to do the same.”

4. Try these simple, but really effective exercises

Push ups: “Place your hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder width, elbows extended and on your toes. Maintain an active midline. Lower your chest to the ground positioning your elbows by your side, keeping your chin in. Press through your hands and extend your arms back to the start position, repeat.”

Squats: “Feet shoulder width apart. Activate your midline and keep your weight in your heels as you perform the exercise. Drop your hips back and down with your arms out in front of you helping you balance. Maintain a straight posture with your head up. Push up through your heels and repeat movement.”

Burpees: “Once you have the correct technique for pushups and squats, you’ll be able to do burpees properly. You can do this one anywhere, any time, so save your excuses. You’ll build momentum the more you do this exercise. Squat and place your hands on the ground under your shoulders and simultaneously jump your feet back into the push-up position. Perform a push up (beginners may do this on the knees, if needed) and then jump back to the squat position, aiming to get your feet just outside your hands. Explode up out of the squat, raising your hands overhead to clap.”

Commando Steve, fitness advice, weight-loss tips5. Eat the right way after you work out 

“Within an hour of your workout, you should have a meal or snack that has at least 20 grams of protein and also contains carbohydrate for muscle repair and growth and replenish your glycogen stores. Some post workout foods I recommend include:

* Eggs and vegetables

* A smoothie with protein powder and coconut water

* Chicken and sweet potato

* A protein-filled wrap


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