Common beauty mistakes that sabotage great skin (and easy ways to dodge them)

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Does your skin seem to have a split personality – dry one week, oily the next? Breakouts and rashes you just can’t explain driving you crazy? Chances are your very best beauty intentions are being derailed by one or all of these very common mistakes. But the great news is these faux pas are easy to reverse. Freshly glowing complexion, coming soon…

Common beauty mistakes

Faux pas: Not toning after you cleanse

Does that great toner at the back of your beauty cupboard rarely see the light of day? Turns out, toners are actually one of the most under-rated skincare solutions. They work to restore skin to its ideal pH level, remove cleansing residue and purify pores, meaning clearer, more glowing skin.

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Faux pas: Skipping the primer stage

They’re probably one of the most underrated weapons available for our beauty arsenals. A good primer can literally turn your beauty world upside down, minimise the appearance of pores, keep your make up fresh and give an illuminating glow. That extra 15 seconds to slot it into your routine is time very well spent.

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We love: Laura Mercier Secret Finish Primer, $45

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Faux pas: Just cleansing once

Cleansers these days are so good they should work first scrub around, right? Sorry, but not. If you’re dreaming of a crystal clear complexion, cleansing twice is imperative. Blame smog, makeup, oil and sweat, not your cleanser. The first hit washes away basic impurities and makeup; the second gets down to the next level so pores are left squeaky clean. Use a gentle organic cleanser that doesn’t leave your face too dry.

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Faux pas: Not exfoliating before you tan

No girl wants to end up looking like a patchy tangerine, so for that natural-looking bronzed babe look we all love, it’s imperative you exfoliate before your spray tan to remove dead skin cells. Then your tan will glide or spray smoothly on – and stay there longer.

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Faux pas: Neglecting your underarms

Underarms are one of the most neglected body parts. It’s easy to forget our armpits are skin and deprive them of the love we’d give skin on the rest of our bodies. Chances are you’ll be as shocked as we were to learn research shows 36 per cent of what you remove when you shave under your arms is skin*. Ouch! The surprisingly good news though is that there are deodorants that will soothe rather than sting afterward, such as Dove Original Deodorant, which uniquely has 1/4 moisturising cream to help nourish skin and ease irritation. (As well as warding off odour and perspiration for up to 48 hours). Because who doesn’t want smoother, softer, sweat-free underarms?

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Faux pas: Not cleansing your makeup brushes

Brushes caked in makeup look ugly, but worse than that, they are hotbeds of hellish bacteria, which cause havoc when brushed back onto your skin. It’s worth getting into the habit of cleansing your brushes at least once a week – just make it something you do every Sunday evening at the same time as a facemask. Easy!

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*Unilever Study, Skin Debris 18-60%
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