Converse One Stars Are Back In A Big Way — And We’re Totally On Board

They're the latest 90s trend to make a comeback.

converse one star
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Slip dresses, choker necklaces, speed-dealer sunnies, tracksuits... are there any 90s fashion trends that haven’t made a comeback over the last year? Usually, the resurgence of these trends can be traced back to effortlessly cool Insta stars or the new collections at Fashion Week. However, the latest 90s trend to make a comeback can be attributed to the ultimate purveyors of street cred: rap artists.

After being all the rage in the late 90s, Converse One Stars kind of took a backseat to styles like Chuck Taylor All-Stars. But in the last few months, they’ve been climbing back up the fashion stakes, thanks to partnerships with various rappers. First, there was Tyler The Creator’s suede pastel line, One Star x Golf Le Fleur.

@feliciathegoat wanted a Golf le Fleur #OneStar. So we made a bunch. Coming 8.3

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Then, there was this corduroy mustard collab with rapper Asap Nast.


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Converse has also teamed up with brands like Footpatrol and Undefeated for a fresh take on the One Star style.


Throw Next Gen IT girls Millie Bobbie Brown and Maisie Williams in the mix and you’ve got yourself a recipe for cool.

If there was ever any doubt that the One Star is a super versatile style that cross-sects cultures, it’s certainly gone by now! You can shop the range on their website.

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