Copenhagen’s coolest juice bar opens in Singapore

As we wait with bated breath, Singapore can finally welcome Danish chain, Joe & The Juice, with open arms at the end of November. Founded by karate fighter, Kaspar Basse in 2002 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, this trendy, contemporary cafe chain is experiencing immense success throughout Europe and is now set to expand down South, naming Singapore its first Southeast Asian destination. As the name suggests, Joe & the Juice serves up freshly made fruit and vegetable juices along with coffee, sandwiches and other edible treats. So what sets it apart? With stores in over 70 cities across the globe, there is no denying that Joe & the Juice has a cult following worldwide. The formula for its success is simple: premium quality ingredients, healthy offerings and a side of music, craft and fashion.

Often used for the purpose of shedding those unwanted pounds,  juices have seen an increase in raw and organic vegetable variations, extracted using fresh-pressed methods. The consumption of these nutrient-packed drinks have steadily become a fervent cause among health conscious consumers and athletic performers, whether taken as a meal replacement or simply a refreshment. joe & the juice singaporeIf you’re not too big on fruits and vegetables, drinking them in a variety of colors is one way to help get more in – bearing in mind to keep greens the bulk of it. When I drink my juice, I like to think of it as an intravenous infusion of vitamins and minerals coursing through my body. Not only does a fresh green juice revitalise you but its liquid form also aids in absorption and digestion, ensuring a healthier amount of nutrient consumption. At Joe & The Juice, I am appreciative of the fact that they make sure nothing is premade nor packaged in advanced. With the premium juice market growing and more of us becoming conscious of the adage that health is wealth, we can expect that this lifestyle trend will have consumers and companies seeing green.

Joe & The Juice is located at:

30 Raffles place, #01-35 Chevron House, Singapore


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Chuinwei Koh
Born and raised in Singapore, Chuinwei attended college and university in Melbourne, Australia. After a stint in the finance sector, she decided to pursue a career in the fashion industry ― first in an esteemed fashion house, then a homegrown luxury retailer, and presently in a multi-label boutique. With an unrelenting determination and belief in all things healthy and in moderation, she watches what she eats, discredits crazy diets and exercises daily; leading family and friends around her to also want to live a holistic lifestyle. As a fitness junkie, Chuinwei is a yogi, runner and has most recently picked up jumping rope. For some time now, she has been blending her own aromatherapy goods and sketching activewear designs ― all in the hopes of being able to start her own ethical consumer goods company one day. She's already got the name picked out.