Could a yoga pose make you happier?

Lola Berry, Yoga Poses, The Happy Cookbook

Happiness is within everyone’s grasp. To celebrate the launch of my new book The Happy Cookbook I wanted to share my top five yoga poses for happiness.

Camel pose

This is a massive heart opener. Great for energising the body but it also helps you to be more positive. In my yoga teacher training I was taught that this the best pose to help lift your spirits and boost your mood.

Wheel pose

Another heart opener. Wheel pose is brilliant for just letting go and really being in that moment. It takes a lot of strength so don’t worry if you can’t do it yet. It took me ages.

Tree pose

This is a super grounding posture. It’s your chance to check in with yourself and where you’re really at. I love it.

Dancer’s Pose

This one is a back bend but it requires balance so you have to stay very focused. It’s very much a powerful mind strengthener. It’s not always the most comfy pose but it teaches you to be comfortable with discomfort and that’s what I love about it.


This might sound funny because it’s the final resting posture of a sequence but it’s so important. You actually stop for the first time and that’s where all the magic happens. When you stop and give back to yourself.

The Happy Cookbook by Lola Berry (Plum; $34.99) is out now.