Could Bikram yoga be bad for your skin? And other beauty advice for active women

Struggle to look polished post-gym? Want skin that glows with health? We asked Rachael Mannell HealthyMEtv’s new Beauty Health Editor and Presenter to share some of beauty wisdom with us.

Any tips for keeping your skin, hair and nails healthy from the inside out?

A naturopath once told me, you don’t need vitamins and supplements if you have a well-rounded diet. I make sure most of my meals are nutritionally dense and full of colour. I eat a mainly vegetarian diet and include a lot of pulses for protein. The cold weather is great for whipping up vegetable soups with warming spices. I also add lemon to everything. Lemon is my beauty secret; it supports the liver which is so important for the body.

Any other wellness secrets you swear by?

Cooking with coconut oil There’s nothing more satisfying that a baked sweet potato chip cooked in coconut oil. They are aromatic and low-GI. Put your feet in the ocean. The negative ions balance out the body at the end of a stressful day.

Let’s talk fitness and beauty. Any beauty advice tips for busy active women?

If you suffer from broken capillaries or rosacea you need to avoid inflammation. No Bikram yoga and avoid too much alcohol and spicy food

Can you give talk us through the secrets to pulling off a polished look post-gym?

All you need are a few gym bag essentials

1 Mineral powder. It can be applied in seconds without a mirror and won’t clog pores.

2 Eye liquid buds. They remove liner smudges under the eyes in no time!

3 Coral lipstick. You may still have a pink glow from your workout so a coral tone offers a nice, fresh contrast.

4 Volumising dust and dry shampoo. These are must-haves. The trick to using one is allowing a couple of minutes for the powder to soak up excess oil or sweat. Once this is done, simply brush it out for a freshly washed look.

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