Why crystals are having a moment (crystal-infused water, anyone?)

From your house to your wardrobe and the yoga studio, crystals are trending in a modern way, and we think they’ll, pardon the pun, rock your world.

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I don’t consider myself the neighbourhood hippy or wannabe-clairvoyant, but I’ve always had an appreciation for crystals. Not in the “these-rocks-will-heal-and-protect- me” sort of way, but more as a colourful, tasteful addition to my wardrobe or home.

Much like Ayurveda and meditation, crystals are transitioning from their hippy backgrounds into a more accessible, less intimidating light and are having their moment in the fashion world.

Having always had a connotation of being akin to the tree-hugging, spiritually heightened kind, crystals have been trending in a modern way, embedding themselves in unexpected places in the realm of fashion and décor. Minus the patchouli scents and eco-friendly linen tunics, there are ways to incorporate crystals into your life without seeming like a total flower child. So put down the prayer beads, and consider these subtle, on-trend and contemporary options to include crystals into your home and wardrobe. We think they’ll, pardon the pun, rock your world.

5 ways to incorporate crystals into your life


Image credit : L-R @kirstinash | @corali_jewellery

Designers like Kirstin Ash (one of Bianca Cheah’s favourites), Samantha Wills and Sydney-based Karin Erin of Corali Jewellery have incorporated crystals into their elegant pieces of jewellery with charms that are easy to combine and layer. At the moment, we’re loving Rose Quartz pieces in particular. Rose Quartz is known as the rock of self-love, said to clear vision and bring love into life, opening the heart chakra (for the spiritually inclined). It’s also believed to clear skin and help prevent wrinkles (for the less spiritually inclined).

2Hydration (yes, water!)

Image credit: @nectarcafetriyoga

London’s Nectar Café boasts a bottled “high vibe hydration” crystal-infused water entitled Blue Moon Dream. Although its actual hydrating properties have yet to be proven, it is said to be refreshing and cleansing, much like our beloved coconut water. In a recent article by Well+Good, naturopath Lauren Glucina explained that upon drinking the infused water “we take in the vibrations and etheric properties transferred over from the crystal. These subtle energies are thought to have a positive influence over the organs in the body, and amplify consciousness.” Hydration or not, we hope it helps you get your eight glasses a day.

3Home décor

Image credit: Pinterest / Bliss Home And Design

If you’re looking for a unique, low-commitment way to decorate your home, crystals may be the way to go. Adding subtle details like agate coasters can make an ordinary coffee table stand out. Whilst book ends with gold lining add an ethereal, chic vibe to any bookshelf.

4Advisory board crystals

Image credit: trendhunter.com / store.unionlosangeles.com

No, this isn’t some conference meeting of crystal-cladded gurus, but a brand attempting to redefine a combination of fashion, astrology, art, and numerology to create a carefully curated seasonal selection of stones to help and support you in many aspects of life.  Well+Good even hailed Advisory Board Crystals as “the fashion forward crystals you’ll be needing to carry around with you asap.” If not for the healing powers, then at least you’ll be trend.


Image credit: Hummingpuppy.com

If you don’t like the idea of wearing crystals or having them in your home, then this one is an unusual alternative to consider. Sound baths have been making waves in the meditation world for their healing aspects as well as deeply therapeutical factors. Studios like Humming Puppy play quartz crystal bowls during practice, and much like their renowned low hum, it is said to increase focus and relax the mind and body. Meanwhile, New York’s critically acclaimed new workout, The Class features crystal embedded floors that balance out your energy as you move to the music.

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