Dan Churchill’s guide to LA’s healthy food scene

Personal trainer, author and The Healthy Cook Dan Churchill is passionate about nourishing food. He also loves to travel. The Sydney local, who made a name for himself on MasterChef Australia last year, has just been in LA where he spent plenty of time checking out the healthy food scene. “It’s definitely hard trying to uphold your routine when you’re travelling to another country, particularly if you don’t know where to go,” says Dan who shares delicious paleo-inspired recipes through his popular blog. “It took me a couple of weeks but I came across some amazing eateries that kept me on my healthy path. So just in case you are going to LA here’s a list of awesome options for you.”

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The best vegan eatery

Café Gratitude

“If you can point me to any place better than Cafe Gratitude be my guest as I would love to try it,” says Dan. “Although I am a carnivore I have enormous respect for these guys. Their food is all organic and is tasty as! The smoothies were epic and I especially loved the fact they all have names like ‘I Am Incredible’. The raw cakes were also amazing.”

The best place for brekkie

Dan 3

Cafe Vida

“Located in Culver City, this place offers great portions and has an amazing variety of choices from steel-cut oats to breakfast bowls and gluten-free pancakes,” says Dan. “Or try The Sycamore Kitchen on La Brea and be sure to order the Jerusalem Bowl!”

The best smoothie


“There are a lot of great smoothie places in LA,” says Dan. “But for me, the best one I had during my recent trip was from EarthBar, just outside the Equinox Gym in West Hollywood. It was a blend of almond milk, frozen coconut milk, almond butter, frozen banana, optional whey protein, hemp seeds and maca. #SoooooGood”

The best healthy treat

Dan 2 Kippys

Kippy’s! Ice Cream

“You can’t go past Kippy’s! Ice Cream in Venice, especially on a hot day,” reveals Dan. “Their organic vegan ice cream is based around coconut flesh and refined sugar-free (it’s sweetened with raw honey. They have eight awesome flavours and they let you to taste every single one before you buy. Love their work! Make sure you get the chocolate hardening sauce too. Made of cacao and coconut oil it’s like a healthy version of a choc top. Move over Ice Magic!” →

The best place to grab a coffee

Dan 5

Coffee + Food

“We Australians can’t get enough of our coffee,” laughs Dan. “So you can trust me on this one as I tried a few while in LA! My regular was Coffee + Food on Melrose. What a great name huh? I can’t believe nobody else hasn’t thought of that before. It was the best long black, aka Americano, I came across while in LA. Not quite as good as Zubi Espresso, my local in Narrabeen. But being an Australian owned cafe it was pretty good.”

The best place for fresh and healthy Asian food

ShopHouse Kitchen

“Checking out ShopHouse Kitchen is a must in my book! You make your own bowls, which can be paleo or gluten-free. It’s really tasty and really cheap too!”

The best places to shop for fresh produce

“There is a bit of a hierarchy and all are great options, but we will start from the most expensive and work our way back!”

Bristol Farms

“There are only a few stores but they have is everything,” says Dan. “We’re talking the most gourmet items that Michelin Star chefs restaurants would be happy with. Think baby vegetables, amazing meats and sauces. Like most supermarkets in LA, I think these stores should have their own post code (or zip code as they say in the US) and they even have restaurants and cafes inside.”

Whole Foods Market

“If you have seen my Peanut Butter Smoothie video you’ll know this place changed my life! More affordable than Bristol Farms, Whole Foods was go-to supermarket during my recent trip to LA. You make can make your nut mixes, choose from the most amazing produce and even eat dinner there. Which I did twice! In my book Whole Foods is definitely a must on your travels to LA and there are quite a few so make so you can’t miss them!”

Trader Joe’s

“Considering the food is organic and mainly gluten-free, this place is ridiculously cheap,” says Dan. “I mean really cheap. I would quite often go here before going to Wholefoods to pick up a few odds and ends. Although the selection isn’t as vast, and their fish is frozen, the red meat is mostly grass-fed is which is great. They also offer almond milk and coconut milk at the cheapest prices. This is the same for their fresh organic fruit and veggies and frozen berries (which I have for my breakfast bowls). So if you’re after affordable organic produce TJs, as I became accustomed to saying, is your go-to store.”

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