Dan Conn squashes myths about women and weights

By guest blogger and trainer Dan Conn

I have always loved sport and training. I was fortunate enough to land both an ARU and NRL contract at the age of 18, which enabled me to learn more about health and fitness. However, my real interest was in developing a deeper understanding of human movement and functional movement patterns. I am now the Athletic Director of the world’s fastest growing fitness company F45 Functional Training – a company that lives and breathes my ethos of using effective movement patterns to be a fitter, stronger, more agile version of the person that counts most… YOU.

But that’s enough about me, let’s talk about women and weight training.

Fact: 68% of all F45 members globally are female.

Do they lift weights? Absolutely!

Common folklore amongst women is that lifting weights will make you “bulky”. Is there any truth to this urban myth? No! In fact, weight training has been proven to help lose weight, build lean muscle and combat stress. The stark reality is that getting in shape and avoiding the dreaded “bulk” comes down to three key factors; genetics, diet and the style of training you perform.

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At F45, we can only take care of two out of three of these facets; diet and the style of training you perform (even though we’d love to take credit for your beautiful faces!) With a world standard nutriton portal, F45 provides daily meal plans, recipes, blogs, weekly shopping lists and more. There is even a goal-tracking device, with a unique point system to keep you guided all the way to a perfect physique.

Our goal at F45 is to write fitness programs and build systems that shape bodies with little to no definition or shape, into a sculpted piece of art. Our programming team are masters at this. With the ultimate result giving our clients empowerment and confidence. There is a common theme for all those that achieve the incredible results. Hard work…and yes some weight lifting! Mirrors, posing, flexing, groaning, fake-tan and general egotistical behaviour…sounds like a weight training area, right? This is everything that F45 in NOT. F45 resistance training is innovative, there is no power lifting, no heavy weights and no mirrors.

Our clients laugh and have fun together during the high intensity interval workouts, which aim to create maximum calorie burn. Think bicep curls, weighted lunges and dead lifts. So don’t fear lifting, in fact, now is the time to pick up those weights and be the envy of your social network.

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