Didier Cohen on work, the future and training!


Didier Cohen, apart from being blessed with super good looks and appearing in campaigns for Industrie and David Jones has just been appointed the judge for this years Australia’s Next Top Model and is just about to release a clothing collaboration with Cotton On. I managed to track Didier down and have a quick chat about how he keeps in shape and finds time to relax from his busy schedules.

What are you up to in life at the moment? Any new modelling campaigns, DJ gigs etc, clothing lines?

Oh man, TONS!! Well July will be the month of dreams for me. My collaboration clothing range ive created with Cotton On comes out July 1st called “Didier Cohen For Cotton On” It’s a range inspired by all my classic influences.. Teamed up with the great design team at Cotton On and I cant wait for everyone to see it!! Also, im proud to announce I am the new judge on this years season of Australia’s Next Top Model! We have been filming since Feb and it will air in July as well! So once we wrap I will get into the studio and release some original music productions as well which I hope to release next summer!

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Didier, you have a very busy life, how do you keep in shape and what is your daily exercise schedule like? 

I’m a big cardio guy. So I like to mix it up with running, swimming and boxing 5-6 times a week. Than I do a bit of push ups and pull ups and what not 4 days a week..

What are the shoes you are currently wearing at the moment when you exercise

Love my Nike Free’s and my Nike Airs!

And when you are exercising, what is your most favourite active wear item? (Mine is my Nike sports watch)

It has to be my compression gear. I can’t do a workout without them!

I’ve seen that you run for hours on the treadmill, who are you listening to on your iPod when you do this?

I listen to my Rebel House Live podcast I put up monthly on my soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/dcohen513/sets/rebel-house-live) and Tiesto and some other great podcasts.. Keeps me moving!

You must find time to relax, so how do you relax?

Man, sometimes I forget! But just chilling out on the lounge or a nice steam room or the very rare massage. I think it’s important to relax and rest at least a couple of hours a week.


Who is your favourite style icon?

I have so many style Icons. From the classic looks of James Dean, Marlon Brando, Paul Newman to the tailored street style of Nick Wooster and Thom Browne.. Many style icons..

You are very ambitious, what inspires you?

My inspirations are my dreams, goals and the people who support me. They all go hand in hand. The amazing support team I have in my life from my team, family and friends that help me set bigger goals and dreams which inspire me every second of the day. But, sometimes a simple person on the street or great painting can spark inspiration to create for me. Just have to embrace every inch of this world!!

Thanks Didier, looking forward to seeing your Cotton On collaboration and watching you on Australia’s Next Top Model.

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