A Digestive Health Expert Shares Her Recipe for A De-Bloating Tummy Tonic

Fight bloat fast

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Looking to enjoy the rest of summer without bloating and inflammation? Are you ready to enjoy the sun AND the way you feel in your swimsuit? Whip up an easy, tasty homemade digestive tonic.

Three Simple Ways to Liven Up Your Digestive Tonics

1Use fruit to naturally sweeten your drink

Most drinks taste good because what’s been added is sugar… and it’s usually simple syrup which will cause havoc on your sensitive system and cause bigger challenges down the line. Instead, cut the sugar and use FRUIT! Fruit is a natural source of sugar, but easier to digest. Great, now choose your favorite fruit and move onto step 2!

2Consider adding ginger!

Ginger is known for aiding bloating, stomach cramps, stomach pain, upset stomach, headaches, back pain, weight gain, food allergies, etc. Ginger is that miracle root that is an antispasmodic; it cleanses our wounds so we don’t have to worry or stress ourselves over bigger challenges—so we can focus on enjoying the summer. (if this doesn’t appeal to you, go for a citrus fruit or add lemon: grapefruit is metabolizing and lemon balances our ph- it is an alkalizing food)

3Add carbonation!

It has not been directly proven that carbonation can actually soothe an upset stomach and there is a wide body of research on the topic, yet many do find relief with carbonation. Therefore, I recommend listening to your body. Does it sound pleasing to drink a carbonated beverage? Give it a try and see what works for you. If carbonation isn’t an option, try adding a drop or two of essential oil, such as Slim & Sassy for the metabolism or a peppermint to help cleanse the body. If you choose this option, be mindful that your essential oils are certified to be ingested. I use DoTerra; more information can be found on my site at www.fitandfreelifetyle.com!

*Extra credit for adding a fun straw! Happy sipping! *

To learn more about sugar and “The Skinny on Obesity” with Dr. Robert H. Lustig, watch this oldie and goodie lecture by the University of California TV
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4Tummy Tonic

3 lemons, juiced
1 cup brewed ginger tea, or 10 slices fresh ginger
1/2 a cucumber, sliced *optional
Fresh mint *optional
Still Water (2 cups)
Sparkling Water

1. Boil the ginger in fresh water or steep the ginger tea
2. Simmer for minimum of one hour or steep tea as directed
3. Mince the ginger (blender of food processor) + optionally ½ cucumber
4. Add lemon juice and any additions– mint, carbonation, etc.