DIY strawberry and papaya face mask recipe

They’re two of our fave fruits, but did you know that strawberries and papaya both have great beauty-boosting properties as well? These antioxidant-packed fruits are the core ingredients in this enzyme face mask recipe from natural beauty expert Carla Oates aka The Beauty Chef.

“The nutrients in this mask help quench free radicals triggered by UV rays and environmental assault,” explains Carla. “Papaya is one of my favourite beauty foods as it is not only a great source of potent skin rejuvenators but it is rich in an enzyme called papain that dissolves dead skin cells revealing a dewier complexion. Coupled with skin-refining alpha-hydroxy acids and collagen-promoting vitamin C from both lime and strawberries, this mask will brighten and rejuvenate your skin. Green tea is also a fantastic addition to fresh face masks as it is a powerful source of antioxidant polyphenols that mop up those age-promoting free radicals.”

Strawberry and papaya enzyme mask


    1/4 papaya

    4 strawberries

    1/3 cup cooled green tea

    1/2 tsp lime

    3 tsps citrus pectin


  1. Blend all ingredients together except for the citrus pectin. Once they are blended well, slowly add the citrus pectin to the blender until it forms a gel like consistency.
  2. Freeze left overs in small portions an ice cube tray. Each time you need a fresh mask, simply pop out a portion and thaw.


Note: Remember to patch test on the inside of your arm, before applying to your face, to test for an adverse reaction.