Do you have personal improvement fatigue?

Sarah Ranawake
Photographer: Heidi Boardman

Earlier this week I went along to a Vedic mediation meeting at The Broad Place in Sydney’s Paddington. Jacqui Lewis, my meditation teacher and dear friend, runs these inspirational group meditation sessions and talks every Monday night. I don’t manage to get along every week but when I do I’m always seriously inspired. I love all of Jac’s insights into Vedic philosophy and how it relates to modern wellness.

The topic of this week’s discussion was all about how learning to meditate can lead some people to feel overwhelmed by all the infinite possibilities life has to offer. This really resonated with me. It also got me thinking about how true this can be for so many forms of personal improvement. Allow me to explain. So you start meditating, practising yoga, take up a fitness challenge, do a life edit or radically overhaul your diet. Or maybe you do all of the above at once!

Pretty quickly you start to notice shifts and changes taking place in your life. Your consciousness expands. Your perception about the limits of what you can achieve changes. So your goal posts shift. All those motivational quotes on Instagram become your new life mantras. You start to dream bigger. To aim higher. Which is awesome.

However, a trap a lot of us (me included!) fall into is unconsciously expecting to achieve all our awesome health, wellness and life goals right now. Secretly wanting to make dreams we might not have even considered possible until recently, happen overnight. So we push ourselves seriously hard to achieve them. Then we get overwhelmed. Or we start comparing ourselves to our health and fitness inspirations and wonder why we we’re not as zen, toned and stress free as they appear to be on our social media feed.

Any of this ringing true for you? If so the solution is so simple. And yet so important. We just need to stay present, stop fixating on the future start being a better friend to ourselves. To start acknowledging and celebrating all our awesome little wellness achievements. Just like you would with a friend.

I hope you have a great week!

Sare x