Does your make-up case need a detox?


You eat well, drink plenty of water and follow a skincare regime but you’re still having problems with skin irritation or pesky breakouts? Then maybe it is time to overhaul your beauty hygiene regime. Read on for our top tips!

1. When to give products the flick

Make-up products eventually become breeding grounds for bacteria. Gross, right? So here’s a general guide to expiry dates. Keep in mind, however, if a product develops a strange smell or changes colour, it’s time for it to go!


Mascara lasts two to three months

Try Kjaer Weis Mascara, $55

Jane Iredale

Liquid foundation lasts six to 12 months

Try Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals Foundation, $86

La Mev

Powder foundation lasts up to two years

Try La Mav Anti-Ageing Mineral Foundation With Broad Spectrum SPF15, $34.95


Eyeliner (liquid or pencil) lasts up to three months

Try Bloom Cosmetics Eye Definer, $24


Lipstick lasts up to 12 months

Try Ilia Lipstick, $34

Manicare2. Detox your beauty brushes

Ideally you should be cleaning your brushes at least every two weeks to avoid residue, oil and dead skin cells building up.  Save time and still keep your brushes fresh with this convenient and affordable sanitiser spray. Try Manicare Brush Cleaner, $14.95, available at Priceline.

3. Store make-up in a cool and dry place

Get the most from your beauty products by keeping them out of direct sunlight as well as humid and moist areas.

4. Don’t share products with anyone!

We all know that sharing is caring, but when it comes to your make-up keep it to yourself as the risk of spreading infection and germs is incredibly high.