Don’t Let Sunburn Ruin Your Skin This Summer!

We’ve all had it from time to time and there are times we’ve all emerged the next day looking like a lobster! Sunburn, ouch! Probably one of our worst enemies in the skin department. Not only does it age your skin, but extreme sunburn can excel your chances of developing skin cancers – that’s if you haven’t slapped on a sunscreen by the way!

Sunburn, yes sore you will be for a day or two, but let me tell you that having a shower let alone putting clothes on can be a very painful exercise. So is there a product that will banish that painfully prickly skin you’re feeling? Yes there is. We’ve searched high and low and found an incredibly soothing treatment balm called the Dermalogica After Sun Repair. The lifesaving balm helps to repair the damage from the UV sunlight while also helping to cool your sunburn and reduce that horrible discomfort that you’re feeling.

Need we say more? Slip, slop and slap and if you’ve developed sunburn, opt for the Dermalogica After Sun Repair to soothe and repair the damage!