The Oakley Tour De France Store Comp

photo 3

In celebrating the Tour de FranceOakley simulated roller racing gold sprint bikes and watt bikes were featured in the Oakley Sydney store last week and I had the exciting opportunity to jump on the Watt bike and test out my strength to see how I placed next to the Oakley Tour De France in store challengers.

Hard it certainly was and we all peddled our hearts away to achieve our best scores. Kate Peck, leggy blonde MTV VJ  and AFL Player and Youtube Chef, Ryan O’keefe, went head to head in this ultimate TdF challenge simulation on Thursday morning in a best out of 3 challenge. Ryan O’keefe came out on top reaching an impressive 1368 Watts and Kate put in a mighty effort at 611 Watts. Go Kate!

But when I jumped on the bike, it proved much harder than I really thought. I reached 633 Watts, and thought that was pretty good considering I don’t ride. hahaha. Needless to say, my name made the board and I managed to beat the stunning MTV host Kate Peck. Woohoo!

This fun TdF inspired event was part of the retail activation throughout last week, whereby customers had the chance to jump on the Watt bikes and get their fastest score. There were hourly prizes and the fastest time of the week won a giant bike and a pair of TdF collection Radarlock eyewear.

Look out Tour De France, you might be seeing Kate Peck and myself in the next race!