Exclusive: Victoria Curtis on why we should be using mineral makeup

Born into a family of talented hairdressers, makeup artists and beauty professionals, I began my love affair with all things beauty at an early age. I worked in salons when I was young and then went on to become Marketing Executive at L’Oreal Professional, where I built the knowledge and experience required for me to start my own salon-specific cosmetics range. During this time, I battled my own skin issues and was on a quest to find a product that not only delivered long lasting results but also worked well for my skin. I travelled the globe sourcing the highest grade of vitamins and minerals, and cutting edge formulas, and the result: the Curtis Collection. Developed from pharmaceutical grade multi-mineral formulations, I designed my products to treat and protect the skin, whilst providing the signature Curtis Collection ‘lit from within’ glow. Victoria Curtis, Curtis Collection

Why Mineral Cosmetics?

Most women wear make up everyday, which can clog their pores and lead to breakouts. I wanted to develop a makeup collection that was also a skincare range, one that would benefit rather than harm the skin. This is why I chose mineral makeup because it enriches the skin while also concealing imperfections for a more long-term approach to skincare.

Benefits of mineral cosmetics:


They nourish the skin

Mineral cosmetics are designed to provide the essential vitamins and minerals that your complexion requires to maintain a youthful appearance. They hydrate the skin while also acting as a barrier to sun damage and other environmental age aggressors to promote a healthier and clearer complexion over time.

They’re safe with other treatments

Applying traditional makeup following cosmetic treatments can potentially reverse the effects of your procedure and lead to ongoing issues with your skin. Investing in todays technologically advanced skin treatments can be a costly exercise, so I designed my cosmetics to be pharmaceutical grade products that assist professional skin treatments.

They won’t cause breakouts

Unlike other oily makeups, mineral alternatives won’t clog your pores or cause nasty breakouts. Curtis Collection is perfect for active women as it allows the skin to breathe and offers sun protection while working out.


Get the latest on-trend beauty look: summer glow

 The power of light and gorgeous glowing skin is always on trend and with summer on our doorstep, that bronzed glow with a touch of highlight is a must-try beauty look.

  1. Begin by applying primer and your favourite Curtis Collection Mineral foundation to your base.
  2. Drawing a line with your Airbrush Finish Mineral Concealer in an upwards direction from the corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. Repeat on both sides. This will create a “V” shape on your face.
  3. Next form a triangle on each side of your face by stroking your concealer along the lower lash line and down the side of the nose.
  4. Proceed to colour this triangular area in with concealer & blend well
  5. Finish with our Bronzed Goddess powder and a touch of highlighter along the cheekbones.

Watch your face instantly appear lifted, highlighted and contoured in just the right spots. Dark circles are concealed and light will bounce off the high spots on your face creating a more youthful, uplifted appearance. Discover your signature makeup style by using the new innovative Curtis Collection Makeup Finder. The Makeup Styling Guide will effortlessly determine the shades that compliment your unique colour tones and features.