Exercise advice: HIIT and TRX explained!

Stuck in a treadmill rut at the gym? Want to mix up your workouts but are confused about what classes you should be doing? Freestyle Group Training Fitness First’s  small group training classes might be the  answer. The classes are based around the concept of Dynamic Movement Training. Which is basically fitness speak for working out in the way your body moves naturally.

Two of our fave Freestyle Group Training classes here at Sporteluxe are HIIT and TRX. So we asked Fitness First’s head of fitness Rob Hale to talk us through the benefits of both.

You want: To kick your fitness up a notch, bust out of an exercise slump, boost your motivation and get max results in minimum time.

Try: High intensity interval training aka HIIT

“This class is perfect for serious fitness enthusiasts, time poor young professionals and anyone looking to challenge themselves at the gym or is down on motivation,” says Rob.

What to expect: “You’ll work with a partner or as a team to complete a challenging circuit with a rest period in between each exercise,” explains Rob. “Exercises are a combination of both loaded movements (using equipment such as medicine balls, ViPRs, plyometric boxes and kettlebells) and unloaded movements using just your own body weight.”

Top benefits of HIIT: “HIIT sessions have been shown to be great for improving your fitness and increasing fat loss,” says Rob. “Higher energy expenditure means you make every minute count compared to other forms of exercise. This helps you to achieve a lean, toned athletic body, improve overall strength and dynamic flexibility.”

What we love about HIIT: Our editorial director Sarah thinks The Zone, Fitness First’s Dynamic Movement Training club, is the best gym in Sydney’s CBD. And HIIT is her fave class at The Zone. “HIIT is all about healthy competition and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone,” says Sarah.

You want: To tone up your whole body.

Try: TRX

“This is perfect for women looking to strengthen, lengthen and tone,” says Rob. “TRX classes are designed to sculpt your body while targeting your core through integrated functional movements. It’s a fresh and fun way to create a strong and toned physique!”

What to expect:  “Your body becomes the machine in this workout as you use your own bodyweight and gravity,” says Rob.  “It’s a more dynamic alternative traditional forms of strength training using dumbbells or machines. You are in control of the intensity of the workout. Just by adjusting the distance of your feet from the TRX anchor point you can easily make the exercises easier or more challenging.”

Top benefits of TRX: “Your core is always engaged due to working against gravity,” says Rob. “Meaning your abdominals and lower back muscles are actively switched on which is great for stability, endurance and core strength. Total body movements also mean big calorie burn, both in the class and long afterwards.”

What we love about TRX: What’s NOT to love about a full body workout that tones everything up, gives your muscles that long and lean look, makes your core stronger and boosts your metabolic rate at the same time?!

For more information on Freestyle Group Training visit www.finessfirst.com.au