Eyebrows to be envied and how to get them

Priceline, eyebrow products

If you’ve been blessed with beautiful thick brows, you may have been tempted at some point to pluck, tweeze, thread and wax them into obscurity. Don’t do it! There are some great techniques to be learned from our Middle Eastern and Mediterranean sisters.

A great pair of eyebrows has the ability to completely transform your look, and having more to work with is never a bad thing — take it from Priceline Sister Ada Nicodemou. She’s chipped in with her old-school secret to tame unruly brows.

And if your brows are a little on the sparse side, don’t for a second think you’re stuck with a 70s look forever. We’ve got tricks for you, too.

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Eyebrow tips and tricks

1. Get a decent pair of tweezers

“My brows are quite thick and there is a lot of them. I have to get them waxed every week because they just grow! For maintenance, have a really good pair of tweezers,” says Ada.

Priceline, eyebrow products
Try: Manicare Precise Grip Tweezer ($11.99)


2. Fill it in (softly)

For a full but natural look, brush on an brow shadow shade a little darker than your own brows with an angled brush.

Priceline, eyebrow productsPriceline, eyebrow products
Try: Revlon ColorStay Browmaker ($25.95) and an Artiste Angled Eyeliner Brush ($12.95)


3. Make it last

A good top coat will keep your brows at their best all day long. It also works well if you don’t want to use a brow powder and you’re after a more natural look, but still want to have every hair in place.

Priceline, eyebrow products
Try: Models Prefer Brow Fixer ($9.99)


4. Make Them Pop

Strategically-placed highlighter, directly under the arch, can define and accentuate your brows like never before.

Priceline, eyebrow products
Try: Models Prefer Brow Highlighter ($9.99)


5. Have An Emergency Kit

Brow kits are perfect for keeping everything you need in one handy spot. Shadow for filling in gaps, wax to set and a pair of tweezers to catch strays on the run.

Priceline, eyebrow products
Try: Models Prefer Essential Brow Kit ($12.99)


6. The Classic Solution

“I’m a little bit old-fashioned – I just put some hairspray on a disposable mascara wand,” says Ada.

Priceline, eyebrow products Priceline, eyebrow products
Try: Cedel Hairspray ($3.99); Beauty Essentials Mascara Wands ($12.29)


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