Fake a detox glow with these clever beauty tips

detox skin, beauty products for glowing skin

Hands up if you find it easy to live a puritan, stress devoid alcohol and processed food-free healthy life.

(If that was a yes, then we’re in awe of you. If it’s a no, then read on).

Now hands up if you’d love to have skin that glowed like you’d just finished a month-long cleanse, free of puffiness, blemishes and unwanted bumps. Yep, us too.

The great news is just a few small changes to your routine and the right products can help you fake your way to a post-detox glow while you’re finding your way to better health balance in life.


To get the most out products, Australian organic skincare expert Jeannie Bourke, owner of Venustus Salon and Spa and creator of the Venustus range of organic beauty products, stresses you need to stay consistent with your home skincare routine if you want real results. “Use a cleanser, serum and moisturiser morning and night as well as exfoliating twice a week. You should use a mask every week for the best results too.”

Jeannie also suggests you pick products that include some (or ideally all) of the three rock star oils for detoxing skin:

1. Geranium Oil

A multi-tasker that stimulates the lymphatic system, assists with puffiness and fluid retention and helps balance the production of sebum.

2. Juniper Berry Oil

Known for its diuretic properties, this powerful antioxidant helps to eliminate an accumulation of toxins and treat cellulite.

3. Lavender Oil

Has a decongesting and calming effect on the skin and is perfect for treating active breakouts.

detox skin, beauty products for glowing skin

We love → Venustus Black Pelan Mud Mask, $59 for 60g, with organic geranium and lavender essential oils.


Ella Bache Trainer Katarina Kalfic suggests introducing a correcting serum to your skin routine, ideally one that contains salicylic acid to exfoliate. “Doing that will minimise sebum (oil) production and prevent the build up of dead skin.”

detox skin, beauty products for glowing skin
Try → Ella Baché Detox Aromatique Extra-purifying Corrector Serum, $79


Cellulite is often the unwanted side effect of a toxin overload but the good news is it’s not necessarily permanent. Treat your body like your face and stick to a regular routine of exfoliating twice a week and hydrating daily.

The simplest way to target your trouble spots, says Jeannie, is to start dry bushing. “Use a mitt or body brush on clean, dry skin and scrub in circular motions towards the heart.”

detox skin, beauty products for glowing skin
We love → Frank Original Coffee Scrub, $18


You don’t need to swap every guilty pleasure in life for beautiful skin, but it’s no secret that a diet revolving around pizza and cheeseburgers won’t leave you glowing from the inside out. Accredited dietitian, Ashley Keep, suggests colourful thinking when planning your meals. “Green veggies, purple carrots, beetroot and raspberries are all full of fibre and antioxidants to promote cell turnover and kick start your digestive system,” she says. Ashley also recommends eating salmon for its anti-inflammatory properties. “If you’re suffer from breakouts, switch to whole grains with a low glycemic index (GI), which will stabilise blood sugar and insulin levels and decrease sebum secretion to lower to lower the likelihood of pimples.”

TOP TIP: “Add some Chlorophyll to your water twice a day,” says Ashley. “This superstar supplement is like eating all your greens, acts as a natural antiseptic, and protects your body from accumulating toxins and waste.”

detox skin, beauty products for glowing skin
We love → BioSource Chlorophyll Liquid, $10

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