Fancy dining in a famous Los Angeles greenhouse restaurant?

The Commissary LA, The Line Hotel

Commissary MenuSet in Korea Town on the second floor of the Line Hotel sits Commissary, a greenhouse style of dining in busy down town Los Angeles. Opened in August 2014 by the awesome Roi Choi, Commissary restaurant is set in a green plant glass encased house that resides by the Line Hotel’s roof top pool. There’s no shortage of greenery in the place as the menu is an ode to vegetables listing a selection of illustrations in a grid that depict dishes or single ingredients with no descriptions of what the dish is. Quirky as it is, Roi states at the top of the menu, “There are no words. I know, I know. Don’t freak out. Trust the pictures.”

We highly recommend you pick the pictures (dish) of the bok choy, eggplant, protein and carrots (mind you the menu and layout is continually changing) as share dishes. And trust us, you’ll be impressed with the BBQ style of cooking. And drinking your beverages (watermelon and gin cocktails in our case) out of a plastic take-away container, just like the Commissary chefs do, is kinda just really cool once you experience it. Inspired by Asian street food style of eating and the farms, Commissary is a dining experience you’ll definitely want to trial.

“Commissary is a bridge between different socio-economic stratas… the heightened ability to sectionalize an eating pattern so elevated that we can choose to eat or not eat certain foods, especially being selective to only plants, and the populous of humanity that has no access to these foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Maybe we can learn from each other as we share these fruits and vegetables across the table. But most of all it’s a backyard BBQ celebrating the farms and the streets.”

A scenic destination in itself, Commissary is a great place to dine for lunch or dinner and, trust us, it will definitely get you talking!

The Commissary

The Line Hotel, 2nd Floor Greenhouse
3515 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010
PHONE: +213.368.3030  WEB:
SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram: @EATATPOT
HOURS: Mon – Fri 7am – 2:30pm / 5pm – 11pm / Saturday and Sunday 7am – 11pm
This restaurant was reviewed by Sporteluxe in February 2015.