Fantastic tea remedy for winter colds & flu

Cold and flu remedies, tea for the flu, tea

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try and avoid it, you may feel a little run down this winter.

Cold mornings, chilly nights and drying-out heating systems in the office can leave your throat feeling croaky and dry.

This recipe for a delicious, immune-boosting tea by Cassie Mendoza-Jones is quick and easy to make and great for soothing a sore, dry throat or swollen glands.

Through the lemon juice, you’ll be upping your immune-boosting vitamin C levels; the honey is antibacterial (especially if it’s local raw honey or manuka honey); and the beautiful, spicy, warming ginger provides antiviral and antioxidant protection to boost your immunity.

Here are a few other things you can do when you’re feeling run down:

  • Let yourself rest. So often we busy ourselves when we’re feeling run down, thinking it’ll just go away. When you’re feeling run down, you need to rest up. Get extra sleep and clear your calendar for the day.
  • Take Echinacea root. The root of the plant is the most active and the most beneficial to boost your immune system.
  • Keep hydrated. Dehydration (especially from sweats if you’re feeling feverish) can make you feel so much worse. Sip water slowly throughout the whole day and add some fresh lemon if that helps you drink it. Herbal teas work well too (like this one, recipe below!)

Cold and flu remedies, tea for the flu, tea

Here’s how to make the tea:

You’ll need:

  • Juice from ½ a lemon
  • Freshly sliced ginger (as much as you want)
  • 1 tsp raw organic or manuka honey
  • Fresh boiling water

Add all the ingredients (the sliced sliced ginger, squeeze of lemon and honey) to a mug of boiling water, and stir well. Drink throughout the day.

TIP: if you’re feeling very congested, add a pinch of chilli. Chilli helps to expel mucous from the body.

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