This humming yoga studio can make your workout much easier!

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This humming yoga studio can make your practice much easier!

Want to get your zen on and feel like a yogi goddess at the same time? You must visit the hottest new studio in Melbourne. The newly launched Humming Puppy is the ultimate in luxury health and wellness, with this sacred space built specifically to enhance the practice of yoga.

We’ve heard this all before right? Wrong. Humming Puppy has not only created a place to practice that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the space is literally infused with feel good vibes. Ok, it’s a little more technical than that but it’s essentially the cut of their jibe.

Humming Puppy uses a frequency 40hz to make the studio hum. The frequency aligns with Gamma brain wave activity, which is associated in reaching peak performance, not only for athletes but so too in musicians and high achievers in other fields.

Co-founder Jackie Alexander says “Frequency and vibration are everywhere and whilst you can’t see them, everything around you – including yourself – is actually vibrating in a combination of harmonious frequencies. And while that all sounds quite serious and complicated, on a simpler level the hum just feels good.”

Humming Puppy offers four different variations of yoga that don’t prescribe to specific styles, rather the classes are influenced by the styles and varied practices of each of the teachers. They adopt an authentic and lighthearted approach to each class meaning it is accessible to all levels of yogis.

Humming Puppy
Where: 2/22 Cecil Pl, Prahan VIC, Australia.
Contact: (03) 9510 – 3719


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