Feeling flat? Bianca Cheah shows us the perfect pose to get you out of that slump

Feeling a little bit blah? Missing the weekend already? If this is you why not try a gentle backbend to get you out of that slump?

Biochemically backbends are warming postures that will increase your pulse rate. Which is why this pose is fantastic practised in the mornings. Not only will you feel energised, invigorated and open but you’re also stretching your shoulders, forearms, hips and spine. Thinking of rocking one of these poses in the morning? Make sure you do it correctly.

  1. Lie on your back. Make sure your feet are positioned at the bottom of your sit bones, parallel to your hips.
  2. Place your  palms flat to the ground with fingertips facing in towards your shoulders.
  3. Squeeze the energy of the elbows into each other.
  4. Inhale and press into the palms of your the hands and feet and lift your hips skyward.
  5. Breathe for a few breaths or until you are ready to come down and gently lower yourself to the ground.
  6. Curl your knees into your chest and gently hug them.


My key tip: Make sure you shoulders are away down from the ears and press your chest back towards the back of the room by taking your shoulder blades back.