Meet Aimee Fischer-Gray: PT & life enthusiast

Find out where she eats, meditates and shops.

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With an infectious, bubbly energy and positive attitude, Aimee Fischer-Gray knows a thing of two about combining fun and fitness.

Hailing from a fit fam of six siblings, and gym-owning parents, you could say fitness runs in her blood. The health nut has a knack for adventure and all things travel, but now resides in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs as a personal trainer for Fitness First Platinum Bondi Junction.  She also runs her own Rockin Rigs Booty Camp alongside her brother.

We caught up with the vibrant fit chick to find out where she eats, meditates and shops as she dished out on all her current obsessions (P.E Nation and Andrew Pap among many others).

Getting To Know You

Born: Sydney, Australia

Lives: Sydney

Known for: According to my mates: “definitely your bubbly, infectious personality, your bum and your ability to make friends with everyone and anyone!”

Personal motto: Life is about balance! Make the most of every single opportunity you get and live the life you love.

Success is: In the eye of the beholder. If you are happy and living an authentic life then in my eyes you are successful.

Advice I would give my 20 yr. old self: Don’t let anyone try and change you. Be your self and only surround yourself with people that appreciate you for your true self. Focus on the positive aspect of every situation. 

People are surprised that I: Have six brothers and sisters, and we are all super fit!

I’m inspired by (person, place or idea): Always inspired when I travel. My favourite thing in the world is meeting new people and expanding my horizon on a daily basis. THIS FOR ME IS LIVING! Also, the ocean sets off something magical inside me. It represents freedom and being connected with the rest of the world.

The biggest risk I have taken (that has paid off) is: Moving to LA when I was 24 knowing no one except the investor of the business Iwas going to be working for! My life changed from the day I boarded that plane. It’s actually so amazing to look back and see how much I have grown as a person and settled into my own skin.

From my mistakes, I have learnt: There is no such thing as a mistake, every time I regret a decision I have made I always learn something from it. I see it as a life lesson.

My most used emoji is: Definitely the bicep curl and the wink with the tongue sticking out.

Out And About

Kettle bells ✖️ Sand ✖️ Surf 😎🌴

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Wake up time: 5.30am

Morning ritual:

  • Make my bed as I’m getting dressed into my gym gear. Take two arma force and drink my peppermint tea from the night before.
  • Wash my face and moisturise prepping my skin for the day.
  • Jump back in bed and mediate for 20 min (most mornings unless I’m super late)
  • Grab an apple and sprint out the door (literally)

Desk Lunch: I’m a PT so I don’t have a desk. My lunch is usually at Nutrition Station in Bondi Junction. I train the owner so I eat most of my meals there during the week! It usually consists of; chicken breast, broccoli, mushrooms and sweet potato fries (baked, not fried of course), and always a Baha Cali Press juice filled with all the good stuff!!

Guilty pleasure: Coconut carob chocolate, dark Lindt chocolate, hot chocolate…ANY CHOCOLATE! I usually need some every night. It’s a terrible addiction!

3 things vital to my day: Training session, coffee, Snap chat.

Cafe: Porch and Parlour

Juice: Watermelon, beetroot, orange, mint and ginger.

Coffee: Almond milk piccolo or Bullet from Cali Press.

Culture stop: Greece and Bali!

Studio/gym: Fitness First Bondi Platinum or the footy stadium.


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Sports top: P.E. Nation and Lululemon

Sports tights: P.E. Nation and Lululemon

Shoes: Nike for style, ASICS for training, Adidas for playing

Sunglasses: Specs

Watch: Non existant. Rolex, one day. 

Store: General Pants/Tuchuzy

New season must have: Alexander Wang shoes and the new range from P.E. Nation. I live in active wear- literally! 

Culture And Tech

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App: Sound Cloud

Website: Temple and Webster and By Charlotte

Binge watch: Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Suits

Instagram stalk: Earth Andy and Andrew Pap

Album love: Kygo ‘Cloud Nine’

Logging On

Website: (coming soon!)

Instagram: @Aimefit


Snap: Aimzit


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Andrea is a qualified yoga instructor and writer. With an international background, she grew up on a small island in the Caribbean and speaks both fluent French and English. She now enjoys an active life on the northern beaches of Sydney, as an avid enthusiast of all things surf, yoga, travel and photography. Writing is her favourite way to channel her positive energy and hopes to inspire people towards a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. Andrea graduated from Paris Business School and Australian Catholic university with a Bachelor of Business, and is currently pursuing her post-grad in Journalism at UTS.