Five mistakes people make at the gym and how to fix them!

Are you unknowingly sabotaging your workout by committing these five common exercise mistakes?

You’re not stretching

We know stretching can sometimes seem like a bit of a drag when you want to just get in, smash out a workout, and get out. But stretching is vital to your body’s physical longevity and wellbeing. According to The Australian Institute of Sport stretching is important to “ensure maximum flexibility, relax the muscles, return them to their resting length and help develop long-term attitudes to maintaining healthy lifestyles.” So be sure to limber up with a light stretch before your workout, and then again afterwards, to aid your recovery.

You don’t have a workout plan

 To maximise results at the gym it’s important that you have an action plan before getting there. This saves you the time spent aimlessly wandering around looking for an exercise to start with. Being prepared with a workout plan will mean your time at the gym is spent much more efficiently.

You take an ‘all or nothing’ approach

 We’re all busy and sometimes don’t have as much as time as we’d like to spend on exercise. However, this isn’t reason to skip your workout though! Research from the Journal of Physiology shows that moving your body as little as 20 minutes a day has a great effect on your physical and mental wellbeing. If you’re strapped for time but still want an effective workout go hard at a HIIT session.

You’re catching up on social media instead of sweating

 A recent study conducted by the University of Chicago confirmed something we all suspected: that we’re more addicted to social media than ever before. Phones at the gym are a no go if you want to get serious about your workout. Not only do they distract individuals by throwing off intensity, rest times and concentration, they are also a major hazard. Instead try practicing mindfulness and really concentrate on how your body is feeling during your workout, or listen to your iPod instead. Scrolling through Instagram can wait!

You’re not mixing it up

Been doing the exact same workout for so long you know it back-to-front and can almost do it on autopilot? Sounds like your workout needs an overhaul! In order to maximise results it’s important to alter your workouts every six weeks. This ensures that your body isn’t simply adapting to the same exercises and hitting a training plateau. Keep your body guessing by mixing it up!

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