Five reasons to love pineapple

Tropical settings, balmy nights and summer holidays. Just the mention of the word pineapple is enough to evoke all these images. However, pineapple doesn’t just taste great, it also packs quite a nutritional punch! So if you’re heading off on holidays to escape the winter chill, be sure to take advantage of the Northern Hemisphere’s summer fruit season. And add some pineapple to your plate and reap the health benefits of this delicious and versatile tropical fruit.

Here are five reasons to love pineapple:

  • It’s a low energy, nutrient dense snack. One cup has around 82 calories.
  • Contains 106% of your vitamin C requirement in one cup.
  • It’s a source of manganese and contains a little calcium. Helping our bones stay strong and healthy.
  • It’s also low FODMAP. So those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can tolerate a serve of pineapple without any tummy troubles.
  • But most uniquely, pineapple is the only known source of bromelain -a collection of enzymes with many health benefits. These benefits include helping to improve digestion, especially the digestion of protein as the enzymes helps to break down it down. It may even help to reduce inflammation caused by injury and infection.
Image credit: Thinkstock