Five ways to bring more zen into your life

Feeling overwhelmed by everyday life? Try these simple tips to bring a sense of balance and calm into your world

1 Prioritise stillness

Most of us have lives that are so over-scheduled that we rarely get a whiff of stillness. Start by setting aside time each day (this could be as small as five minutes) to just sit quietly. These periods of stillness allow our body and mind to settle and re-fuel us from the inside out.

2 Deep belly breathing

If you are feeling a little rattled or stressed tap in to the power of your breath. Place all of your attention on the feeling of air moving in and out of your body and focus on breathing as deeply into your lower belly as you can. Practice this for five to 10 breaths.

3. Create a sacred space

Make your own little zen space that feels supportive for you. It could be a corner in your bedroom or lounge that you go to each time you want to chill out. Fill it with cushions, candles, inspiring books and anything else that soothes you.

4. Find your own form of meditation

Meditation slows our mind, connects us with our body and reduces stress, but sitting with your eyes closed isn’t the only way to get this feeling. Exercise, reading a book or being in nature can all create similar effects so find what helps bring you in to that calm meditative state and do it regularly.

5. Practice the pause

Whenever you are finding yourself racing around, stressing or juggling a million tasks, practice taking a small five second pause before you move on. Just stop, take one deep breath, bring your attention back to the present and then continue moving forward. Use the mini-pause as often as you need to re-calibrate in stressful times.

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Connie Chapman
Connie Chapman is on a heart-driven mission to help women live lives of alignment, connection and full-blown fulfilment. A certified life coach, mentor, inspirational speaker and writer, Connie empowers women to dive deep, play big and unlock their true potential. As the host of Awaken Radio, creator of The 90 Day Transformation Project and founder of, Connie has helped thousands of women across the globe to rekindle their inner glow and beam their light into the world. Her teachings are based on soul-deep transformation – choosing love over fear, abundance over anxiety, and always tuning in to our inner wisdom. Connie’s work has been featured in leading magazines and blogs across Australia, including CLEO, Dolly, The Wellness Warrior and many more. Based in Sydney’s Bondi Beach, when she’s not working you’ll find Connie hanging out in organic cafes or diving headfirst into the ocean.