Five ways to give yourself a mental detox

We’re kicking off 30 Days CLEAN at Flow Athletic next week and are busy getting everyone prepped for the side effects of no caffeine, alcohol or processed foods. During a month of lots of training and yoga, one thing to remember is that detoxing your thoughts is just as important as cleansing your body. Here are my five steps to try your own mental detox.

1         Reconnect

Spend five minutes at the start of your day sitting. Doing nothing but listening to the sound of your breath. In this time set an intention for how you want to feel that day. It could be ‘calm’ or and an ‘abundance of energy’. Keep it simple.

2         Practice gratitude

What are you grateful for? If you observe yourself delving into negative thoughts throughout the day, step back gently and practice gratitude. You’re building mental resilience each time you do this.

3         Digital detox

Spend eight waking hours once a week away from social media. Don’t pick up your phone unless it rings. It’s amazing how much more alertness you create and how much you notice all the things that are happening around you.

4         Read something positive and informative

During a cleanse try reading book that is inspirational or informative. So instead of always switching on the TV, you’re reading something that will inspire you.

5         Moving meditation

Choose a gentle moving activity that helps you to slow down and be present. Yoga is perfect for this. The awareness you cultivate will help everything become more calm and grounded. Walking in nature is also great.