Five wholefood chocolate swaps to beat 3pm cravings!

Chocolate constantly calling you at 3pm? We hear you! However, with a little preparation, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious wholefood treats.

1. You’re craving a brownie. Swap it for a chocolate Brazil and walnut ball.

The combination of healthy fats from the nuts (including omega-3 from walnuts), fibre, protein and the natural stimulant in cacao will keep you energized for hours. Selenium-rich Brazil nuts will help boost your mood, while the dates and orange keep your sweet tooth satisfied



½ cup Brazil nuts

½ cup walnuts

1 cup medjool dates

½ cup cacao powder

zest of an orange

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla

Juice of half an orange.

Combine all the ingredients in a food processor and blitz. Roll into balls.

2. You’re craving a chocolate thick shake. Swap it for a cacao and banana smoothie.

 Commercial thick shakes are loaded with sugar and unnecessary additives, colours and flavours. Instead, get at thick, chocolate hit from a delicious homemade smoothie, which also nourishes your body with nutrients to fuel your afternoon. This recipe hides spinach for extra fibre, vitamin A, K, folate, magnesium and iron.


1 frozen banana

2 tbsp cacao powder

1 tbsp nut butter

Handful of baby spinach

1 medjool date or 1-2 tsp organic maple syrup

1 ¼ cup milk of your choice

Blend and serve.

3. You’re craving a Snickers bar. Swap it for my Snickers-inspired dates.

High in fibre and a source of iron, protein and B vitamins, these tasty little treats are a perfect guilt-free indulgence!


2 fresh medjool dates

1 heaped teaspoon of almond or coconut butter

1 teaspoon cacao powder

Roasted peanuts

 Cut and pit the dates. Mix the almond or coconut butter with the cacao and a sprinkle of roasted peanuts. Fill each date with the mixture.

 4. You’re craving Nutella on toast. Swap it for Mayver’s Peanut & Cacao spread and apple slices.

 Protein, fibre and healthy fats from the nut butter help you to stay full. While polyphenols, important nutrients in the apple, help to lower the rate of glucose absorption from our digestive tract, supporting steady blood-sugar levels.

5. You’re craving a regular milk chocolate bar. Swap it for a raw chocolate bar.

Unlike most commercial chocolate, raw chocolate is made from pure, unrefined ingredients and is usually a mix of cacao, coconut butter and/or a natural sweetener. Raw cacao is high in antioxidants that help support your nervous system and heart health. It’s also a natural mood booster and helps reduce blood pressure. No wonder chocolate is our go-to stress reliever! It’s easy to make at home, but store bought versions are great too. Loving Earth, Pana Chocolate and Rawsome are some of my favourites.