Foam roller how-to! Simple tips for soothing sore muscles

When it comes to giving your muscles the massage they deserve on a regular basis, nothing beats the DIY convenience of a foam roller. Most gyms are equipped with a roller or two, but lots of people aren’t quite sure what to do with them. Here are three quick tips to help get you rolling your way out of muscles aches in no time!

1 Roll around

Rolling on the point of muscle pain directly is a no-go. This can cause further muscle imbalance and inflammation. Instead, find the point of tension, then begin by working the muscles around the area applying moderate pressure (not your entire body weight)! This will encourage muscle relaxation and restoration. We suggest adding a ten minute ‘roll-down’ to the end of your workout to maximise benefits.

2 Slow down

Nobody said foam rolling would be pain free. It often hurts. A lot! But there isn’t any point in rushing through it. To reap results, you need to take it slowly so that your muscles have time to relax and recover. Try feeling out your tender zones with the roller and then using short protracted rolls around the area to relieve knots and tension. Alternatively, you can sit into the pressure point and breathe deeply until you feel the muscle loosen up.

3 Straighten up

Posture is paramount when working with your roller. You are often required to hold odd and uncomfortable positions over the roller for an extended period of time. If your posture is compromised you will run the risk of doing more damage than good. We suggest positioning yourself in front of a mirror so that you can keep your form in check.

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