Found! The best healthy plane snacks

Plane food has a bad rep, but many people realize you can take your own food on a plane. A little forward-planning will help you fend off the mid-flight munchies in a healthy way. Here are 10 nutritious snack ideas to consider for your next flight.

  1. Cut up veggie sticks and tahini.
  2. Homemade cacao protein balls.
  3. Fresh fruit, such as apples, mandarins or banana.
  4. Organic biltong (a South African dried meat, similar to beef jerky) for a paleo-style protein hit.
  5. Sachets of greens powder and protein powder. Take a shaker bottle and simply ask for some water on the plane.
  6. Activated nuts and seeds.
  7. You could go all-out with a quinoa salad with baby spinach, roasted veggies and a tahini. None of these ingredients need to be refrigerated between cooking and eating.
  8. A small bag of organic muesli is a great in-flight breakfast option.
  9. Organic popcorn.
  10. Single serve organic herbal tea bags. Remember, you can ask for hot water for tea at any time!
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