Found! The best place to shop for wearable fitness tech!

Office Works

Officeworks has long been my go-to retail destination for desks, diaries and the like. However, I must admit that I had never thought about heading to Officeworks for my health and wellness needs until recently. However, it turns out that Officeworks is one of the largest retailers of wearable fitness tech around. In fact, when it comes to Fitbits, Officeworks have the most extensive range of any Aussie store. Not to mention the fact that all of all the wearable tech at Officeworks comes with the same lowest price guarantee that applies to the rest of their range. A great bonus for busy (read: lazy) shoppers like me who love the convenience of a one-stop shop but still like to know they’re getting the best value. I was invited into Officeworks recently to check out their wearable tech range and trial a few products. Here’s what I discovered!

Tech scales

Shop → Fitbit Aria Wifi Smart Scale, $159

I haven’t had a set of scales in my bathroom for years – I usually just go off how I feel and how my clothes fit instead of keeping a constant tab of my weight. So I was pretty surprised by just how far the humble scales have come these days! This baby reads your body fat percentage and calculates your BMI, therefore giving you a much better indication of your health than measuring your weight alone. Not only that but it will then use the magic of wifi to connect said stats with your phone and online graphs. It also works with the Fitbit activity tracker. And if your whole family wants to go on a health kick together the Aria allows you to have up to eight people monitoring their progress at the same time.

Tech fitbit

Shop → Fitbit Charge HR, $193

This is one seriously sleek looking piece of wearable tech. I loved sporting it on my wrist! But it doesn’t just have the looks – it has the tech credentials to back it up. We’re talking everything from calories burned during my workouts to just generally telling me how much movement I’d fitted into my day. Think stairs climbed and stairs taken. I was also super impressed with the long battery life and the fact it can keep going for up to ten days. Because, let’s be honest, having to frequently charge your devices can be a pain in the butt!

Tech Misfit

Shop → MisFit Shine Tracker, $108

Sure, you can wear this neat little gadget on your wrist, standard activity tracker style. But I loved the fact that it gave me the option of wearing it as a necklace or even as a shoe adornment! It’s waterproof to 50 metres making it great for swimmers out there, doesn’t need charging and even monitors my sleep. Which in my case gave a bit of guilt for not regularly getting in the ideal eight hours!

Tech Samsung

Shop → Samsung Gear Live, $188

It feels great on your wrist with its metallic face and pushes all the right tech buttons. Actually, that’s a lie. It’s a buttonless design. Seriously though, I was super impressed with this smart watch. It not only delivers on the health tracker front but also displays all my notifications right there on my wrist. So clever!

For a chance to win an amazing fitness pack from Officeworks, including a Fitbit Charge HR, Fitbit Aria Smart Scales and Backbeat Fit wireless headphones, simply follow Officeworks on Instagram and take a photo of yourself working out at work using the hashtag #OfficeworksOut, mentioning @Officeworks along with a great caption.  Officeworks is giving away one of these prize packs every week during March. Click here for T&Cs.