Found! The healthiest booze options for blokes


You put in a lot of effort earning those abs at the gym. So don’t ruin all your hard work by consuming copious amounts of empty calories on a night out. You also don’t want to be caught ordering a girly drink. Here are the drinks to order so your mates won’t know you’re watching your waistline.

How alcohol is processed by your body

When alcohol is ingested it acts the dominant energy source. This means that carbs, fats and proteins from food won’t be burned off until the energy consumed from alcohol has been dealt with. With that in mind, it’s best to stick to low calorie drinks, avoiding those beverages that are high in sugar and fats. These high-carb drinks are harder to burn off and therefore more likely to be stored in the body as fat.

Drink smarter

This festive season, make smarter choices while out celebrating by keeping in mind the following tips:

1.      Choose light beer over regular beer.

Light beer contains 103 calories, which is 50 calories less than regular beer. It also has less than half the amount of carbs as regular beer does.

2.      Choose a house spirit such as whiskey, gin and rum over a premade drink.

House spirits contain around 52 –60 calories per shot, however choosing a premade beverage will drastically increase calorie intake.

3.      Choose low calorie mixers.

The best choices are spirits on the rocks as ice contains zero carbs or fat- obviously! However, straight spirits aren’t to everyone’s taste, so try a spirit mixed with soda water, tonic or fresh squeezed juice.



How does your favourite drink stack up?

Q: Whisky on the rocks VS tequila on the rocks
A: Shot of whisky with some ice contains a total of 52 calories, which would take six minutes of light jogging to burn off. Whereas a shot of tequila with ice contains 96 calories and would take 11 minutes to jog off.

Q: Rum and soda water VS pre-mixed rum drink
A: Shot of rum mixed in with soda water has 52 calories, which would take about three and a half minutes of burpees to burn off. A pre-mixed rum drink on the other hand has around 198 calories. This equates to about 14.5 minutes of burpees. That’s a lot of burpees!

Q: Dirty martini VS bourbon and regular soft drink
A: Believe it or not but a dirty martini made with a shot of gin, olive juice and two olives adds up to just 87 calories. This equals about eight minutes of swimming laps. However, a shot of bourbon with soft drink contains about 194 calories per drink, which would take 18 minutes of freestyle swimming to burn off.

Q: Light beer VS regular beer
A: Light beer contains around 103 calories or around 12 minutes of vigorous cycling. Regular beer contains 153 calories which would take 17 minutes on the bike to burn off.

Q: Dark ale beer VS regular beer
A: Dark ale beer has 140 calories which would be about 21 minutes of punching a boxing bag, compared to 153 calories in regular beer.

Q: Gin and tonic VS whisky sour
A: That classic combo of gin and tonic and contains just 56 calories and would take six minutes of jumping jacks to burn off. A whisky sour contains 162 calories or around 18 minutes of jumping jacks.

Q: Red wine VS white wine
A: Red wine contains around 150 calories per glass and 15 minutes of HIIT will burn it off compared to white wine at 121 calories and 12 minutes of GRIT.

Q: Sangria VS white wine
A: Sangria has 150 calories and would take 42 minutes of walking to burn off. Whereas a glass of white wine contains 121 calorie, the equivalent of 34 minutes of walking.