Found: The Perfect Product To Help With Foot And Wrist Strains

Have you pushed yourself too hard at the gym lately? Whether you’ve got an injury or just a niggle, managing your joint pain properly can assist in a speedy recovery.

3M Futuro Products have a wide range of supportive options that have been created with a team of doctors, specialists and engineers to help relieve joint pain. Wrists and feet are often the most susceptible to strains, and that’s why the Futuro Night Wrist Sleep Support can be a great option to assist your speedy recovery at night. Or if you often wake up with foot and heel pain, then the Futuro Night Plantar Fascilistis Sleep Support is a great product that can help ease discomfort by holding your foot in the recommended therapeutic position all night long. Both products have been created specifically to provide support all night long so that you can wake up without having aggravated the condition during the night and increased the crippling joint pain. Featuring a slim design and deep cushioning beads, designed to flex and guaranteeing sufferers comfort in their sleep.

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Futuro™ Night Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support and Futuro™ Night Wrist Sleep Support is priced at $54.95 (RRP) and $69.95 (RRP) respectively

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