The Hyperfeel, Your New Best Friend!

Going for a light jog in the park is one thing, but for those of you who are serious runners and are always looking to improve your results, then perhaps you should consider the new Nike Hyperfeel.

Tried and tested, the Nike Hyperfeel is a winner for us. Featuring a very small layer between your foot and the ground the shoe actually allows you to feel the earth beneath your feet which in-turn strengthens the muscles in your foot for stronger run. Whether running laps around the grass oval to improve your endurance, sprinting to improve your shorter distance or bounding from one end to the other with a-skip/ b-skip drills to improve your stride, the Nike Hyperfeel is the perfect shoe to improve and refine your running technique.

Definitely the most comfortable and supportive short distance running shoe to date, the new Nike Hyperfeel is now, our sprint drills best friend.

Check the shoe out here.

Nike Hyperfeel featureNike Hyperfeel 2