Fresh almond milk brands we love!

We love us some fresh almond milk here at Sporteluxe HQ! Whether you’re after a dairy or soy milk alternative to keep in the fridge add to your smoothies or a guilt-free treat when you’re out, here are some of the best almond milk offerings around!

To keep in your fridge

Almond milk Liz

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Luz Almond from Butler & Bentley

Luz’s signature cold-pressed almond milk is unsweetened and bursting with big almond notes. Simple and refreshing, this almond milk compliments everything from your morning smoothie, to your tea and cereal bowl! Containing nothing but pesticide-free Australian almonds and filtered water, this clean and pure almond milk gets two ticks from us. We’re also fans of their Medjool date-infused milk too.

Almond milk inside out

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Inside Out

Available in both unsweetened and original, these milks contain only three essential ingredients, leaving the natural taste of the almonds to take the spotlight. The Original version is sweetened with natural sweetener Natvia making this almond milk a favourite at Sporteluxe HQ!

Almond milk pure

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Melbourne Street Organics Pure Almond Milk

Melbourne Street Organics almond like is stored in recyclable glass and they offer a with 25c refund on all jars returned. Meaning this choice look after the environment and your insides! All their nut milk is cold-pressed with organic activated nuts and filtered water.

For a treat when you’re out

Almond milk Orchard Street2

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Orchard St Vedic Mylk

A delicious combo of activated almonds and Brazil nuts, cardamom, turmeric, bee pollen, coconut nectar and gubinge. Not only is this Orchard St Vedic milk decadently good, it’s also seriously nourishing with the added anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric, bee pollen to increase your athletic performance and almonds and Brazil nuts for a healthy hit of protein and good fats!

Almond milk Smiths Organics

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Smiths Organic Markets Cold pressed Dandelion Almond Milk

The perfect ice coffee alternative, this chilled dandelion and almond milk is said to ease digestion and aid in detoxification. An afternoon treat with true health benefits!

Almond milk pressed2

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Pressed Juice Green Mylk

This milk gives you a green kick with the added benefits of superfoods. Containing filtered water, spinach, almonds, dates, cashews, maca, nutmeg, vanilla and sea salt, it’s seriously delish!

Almond milk cali

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Cali Press Vanilla Sky

Raw, organic and cold-pressed, the Vanilla Sky milk at Cali Press contains Manuka honey, filtered water, almonds, dates and vanilla bean. A great creamy sweet fix.

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