Fun run training: read Bianca’s top tips

It’s official! I am one of the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival ambassadors (along with Michelle Bridges). I’ll be doing the 9km Bridge Run and can’t wait to experience the Sydney Harbour Bridge on foot! As excited as I am, I now have to get my butt into gear to prepare for this event! What does this mean?

Well, plenty of training for my endurance, key muscle groups balanced with lots of stretching. Training for a run can be lots of fun. However, injuries tend to happen when you start to push your body to new extremes if you’re not careful. So it’s super important to know your limits and gradually work your way up.

The fact that I practice yoga daily is definitely an advantage. The key poses that I will be focusing on for the next few weeks will be those that stretch my hips, hamstrings, quads and arms.

One great pose that I love is the Camel pose, pictured above. It provides an awesome stretch for my hip flexors after running. If you are a beginner to yoga, don’t think you need to bend back this far straight away. Instead, only bend to the point that your back will allow, to ensure you don’t hurt yourself. Learn to know the difference between pain and a deep stretch feeling. I’ll also be working with a running instructor on perfecting my stride as this is very important when running mid-distances. A good stride is key!

So if you’re keen to run the 9km Bridge Run with me in the Sydney Running Festival, sign up at I’ll see you at the start line with Team Sporteluxe!

Stay tuned to see my fitness post next week.