Genius time management tips from very successful women

Most of us are caught in the never-ending battle to balance work and home life, so we chatted to some of Australia’s most successful and vivacious women to get the lowdown on their most genius tips for successful time management

Meet Australia’s successful women

Renya Xydis

Renya Xydis

Editorial Hair Stylist and Founder of Valonz Salon

TIP 1: Go old school

“When it comes to organising my crazy schedule I always rely on my old school diary, which I take with me everywhere. Along with my amazing team, it helps me balance working in the salon, on editorial shoots and international work such as fashion week.”

TIP 2: Get Inspired

“I am a visual person so I look through my library of books, Instagram and magazines to create a mood board for upcoming work. This is important so I can be prepared for the unexpected.”

Shelley Barrett, Model Co

Shelley Barret

CEO and Founder of ModelCo

TIP 1: Manage your time effectively

“I like to schedule external meetings in the mornings or late afternoon to maximise my time in the office with my fabulous ModelCo team.”

TIP 2: Communication is key

“I work at a very fast pace, so I try and communicate my expectations very clearly to my team so that stress and panic can be eliminated.”

Kate Peck

Kate Peck

MTV VJ & Myer Ambassador

TIP 1: Prioritise 

“Every morning I write a to-do list in my Moleskin diary, making sure it is written down in order of most important to least important. I then divide my day’s hours to get these tasks done. Between filming for MTV, co-producing two TV series at Candid Films and Myer ambassador commitments, this is the most effective way for me to stay on top of everything.”

TIP 2: Enjoy the great outdoors 

“A long, cruisy motorcycle ride down the coast usually clears my brain, or if I can take my motorbike on an off-road, bush bashing adventure and connect with nature, then that is a big thumbs up for relaxation mode.”

 watson and watson

Liberty and Somer Watson

Designers and Founders of fashion label Watson X Watson

LIBERTY’s TIP 1: Set an alarm

“My days are busy, between my gym workout at F45 Paddington, business meetings, the store and events, I can’t afford to loose any time, so setting an alarm for all my appointments really helps.”

LIBERTY’s TIP 2: Sweat it out

“For me, fitness is a really good stress buster. I throw on my sneakers, put on a good track and run.”

SOMER’s TIP 1: Set goals

“I use the app, Check Mark, to help prioritise tasks and stay on track. In the studio, we write our goals for the week on butchers paper and cross them off as they are accomplished. While it may sound dramatic, it keeps the team motivated.”

SOMERs’ TIP 2: Take some down time

“I enjoy eating out, so I can catch up with friends and loved ones. I also love some herbal tea at the end of the night, Calming Blend by the English Tea Company is a favourite.”