Gents, would you try male skincare treatments?

mens grooming, male skincare, skincare treatments for males
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Pampering isn’t just for the ladies, gents you can get in on the action too! Read on for some top spots in Sydney that cater specifically to men’s skincare and grooming.

Barber Shop at spaQ (QT Hotel)

The treatment: Mr. Bond
Duration: 40 mins
Price: $80.00

If you’re after a luxurious and traditional wet shave, this is the place to go to! They’ll also tame unruly eyebrows, give you a relaxing shoulder massage and apply a hydrating eye mask.


mens grooming, male skincare, skincare treatments for males

Alkaline Spa & Clinic

The treatment: Microdermabrasion facial with Omnilux
Duration: 65 minutes 
Price: $200

Skin looking tired and dull? This pain free treatment combination (which is the most popular treatment with men) is for you. Microhydrabrasion uses water to help buffing away top layer of the skin in order to reveal a healthier, more youthful complexion. Adding on the rejuvenation factor of the Omnilux light and you’ll be well on your way to winding back the clock.



The treatment: The Face Treatment
Duration: 45 minutes 
Price: $105.00

This is a deep cleansing face treatment, which is customised to suit your skin and targets common problems for men including stubborn congestion, shaving irritation, ingrown hairs and sun damage.


Detail for Men

The treatment: Purifying Back Detail
Duration: 45 minutes 
Price: $110.00

Don’t let bacne get in the way of living your life. Instead try this treatment. Designed to cleanse, purify and polish the back, shoulders and upper arms, it will leave your skin looking and feeling great!